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5 Things to Know about Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you are gadget lover then you must know that many rumors are swirling about number of big devices including Apple’s iPhone 5s, mini device of HTC One, HTC T6 and also one from Samsung that is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 
Samsung Galaxy Note is the upcoming phablet and successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I covered some rumors of GalaxyNote 3, and now more rumors are now on the board and I feel to discuss them today, let’s start from discussing about the Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy note 2 was released last year, a giant-screen smartphone renowned as Samsung Galaxy Note 2. A phablet that sells millions of time around the world and remains as top device of android market, after a year Samsung decided to launch successor model of Galaxy note 2 and that most likely will be replaced by Note 3.
Now, come to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is already in the news and despite the fact Note 2 is being few month old. Rumors suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be an impressive successor of Galaxy Note 2.
Latest rumors are a large 5.9-inch to 6-inch display that will be powered with a powerful quad-core processor and it might be coming sooner than expected.
Today I will discuss five most important rumors that a customer should know about Note 3.
Launch Date:
Up to this week, it seems that Note 3 will be launched in September, important reason behind this is IFA 2013 because Last year Samsung launch Galaxy Note 2 in September. It makes sense that it might happen, but few reports are claiming of Note 3 in July that is a bit sooner than we expect.

Release in July or August is a bit tricky because Samsung always launches next model after a year not less than that, same is the case of Galaxy s4 and it’s for sure that Samsung never launches successor within a year of release of original model.

On the other hand September release looks considerable because for last two years Samsung launches Note at IFA. The other considerable thing is release of S4 and Note 2 both are selling in huge numbers and still are on the top of smartphones chart. We are sure Samsung must be not in hurry to release Note 3.
As far processor is concerned it’s a tricky situation and latest rumors are claiming of Exyos 5 Octa octo-core processor in Galaxy Note 3, because this processor is also used in some models of S4.
Some more rumors are also suggesting that in Note 3 Samsung might uses snapdragon 800 Quad core processor, but one thing keep in mind that Snapdragon 800 chip has yet to be used in any device so it’s kind of first device using Qualcomm latest chip.
If we compare these two processors both are powerful and there is an option that Samsung might mix both like they did with S4, but that’s for sure users of Note 3 will not have to face any problem regarding the processor both are capable of daily usage and as well as for gaming. 
One of the important feature for Note 3 seeker is its camera because both Note 1 and Note 2 retains 8 MP camera. It is expected that Note 3 might possess a 13 MP camera, this is not surprising for most of us because Note cameras are near about same Samsung galaxy s series. S4 have a powerful 13 MP camera sensor so we can expect same from the Note 3 also.
Certainly, there are lot of rumors regarding the design that it might be of metal and also have a features of shatterproof elastic display. But if you look the previous Note design it was borrowed from the Samsung flagship model S3, there is possibility that Samsung might do the same thing with this note because last year Nate was no doubt a big hit form Samsung.
Reliable resources claims that there are number of choices for Samsung but Note 3 is expected to come up with design from Samsung Galaxy S4, because we already see that S4 sold 10 million devices and choice of Samsung of plastic design seems right. If this is true then we can expect a plastic design with removable back and also SD card slot and users can expand its storage space.   
Well it’s sure that Samsung devices always faces strong rivalries and same is the case with the Galaxy Note 3 and it also has to face rivalry of HTC like S4 faces HTC One.  
The upcoming model from HTC that is expected rivalry of Note 3 is known as the HTC T6.
, it is expected that this device will a phablet form of device currently known as HTC One. So far rumors suggests that it will have a 5.9-inch display that must be Full HD, a quad-core processor, same metal design like HTC One and a ultrapixel camera with Android Key Lime Pie.
Additionally, it is also expected that it might have a pen like Note series have in order to compete with the Galaxy Note 3′s Pen.
 If you are waiting for Note 3 and T6 then you have to wait to know which device is better until the release of both phablets but on paper it seems that HTC T6 must be a serious challenger to the Note 3.

Tell us in your comments that what are you expecting from Note 3 and also from HTC T6 and if you decide to buy one of these devices which one will you prefer ?      

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