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Android 4.3: Top 8 Facts You Need to Know

Now a days according to recent rumors, it seems that Google might be not releasing its Android key lime pie but may be pushing out its Android 4.3. This version must be an updated version of ANDROID Jelly Bean and Google wanted to release this update before Key Lime Pie. These rumors are yet to be confirmed because are not officially confirmed by any Google Android development team.  I will discuss all the important facts that in my view are interesting for all Android Lovers.
1. New Update to Jelly Bean

New reports, are claiming that Android 4.3 is a new update from Google to its existing operating system and will contains some astonishing features. The initial reports are suggesting that Android 4.3 will come earlier than Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and due to this Key Lime Pie will be delayed. But now a days, Android 4.3, is hot topic for most gadget and technology enthusiast and also Google knows that they have to release some sort of update to its OS  because most Android fans are expecting this update from Google at Google I/O..
2. Android 5.0 Is Delayed
Now if all these rumors are true then it’s easy to say that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie has been delayed for the time being, while some while many Gadget experts are still expecting that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie might be revealed at Google I/O 2013.
We have to wait for few weeks to confirm this that Google is going for Android 4.3 or is going to release Android 5 key lime pie.
3. Android 5 might come with Another Device

This looks logical that there is chance that Google might be waiting to release its Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie with some flagship device, like the Nexus 4. This seems true because other companies like Apple uses the same tactics with their IOS 6, they revealed it earlier but releases it alongside the iPhone 5.
4. Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
There are some rumors that Android 4.3 might come up with new technology something called as "Bluetooth Low Energy Technology”. But this is not confirmed because only few gadgets experts are suggesting this other are claiming that this technology will come along Android 5.0.
5: Other Features

In addition to low energy Tech, some other features are also rumoring on the surface. Google Babble is also rumored to be available in Android 4.3, that is unified messaging service and if this is true, Android 4.3 will become a big update with unified messaging service that is provided by Apple to its users and now Android users will enjoy the same service by Google.   

A secret analyst claims that Google Babble will be called as Google Hangouts as an alternative to the similar video-messaging service that is offered on Google+.
6. Android 5.0 might offer some astonishing Features

If Google is taking too much time to release its OS this means Android 5.0 will come up with some powerful and astonishing features. We are expecting this because Android new head is former head of Google chrome “Sundar Pichai” it makes sense that some incorporation between Android devices and Chrome OS will happen due to changing of head of Android.
7. fragmentation problem

Google has several problems regarding its update rates, that has been Hurting Android users and also its Update Rates. Due to fragmentation problem we often see many Android users has to face difficulty in updating their OS.

8. Android 4.3 may hurt Android 5.0

Going off of the fragmentation issues, Android 4.3 may hurt the adoption rate of Android 5.0       Key Lime Pie. With Android 4.3 becoming available for older Android devices over the next   few weeks and months, by the time Android 5.0 is released, many users will probably just be  getting Android 4.3. The delays between Android updates — which can sometimes be as long  as months between updates — and fragmentation issues is something Google needs to fix in the Android ecosystem so that future updates could have higher adoption rates, which will undoubtedly impress investors.

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