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Black Berry Z5 Rumors

Few weeks ago we have heard about the news that BlackBerry is planning to launch a high end smart phone which will be packed with a full touch display and is expected to be launched at the end of this 2013 and this device will be named as BlackBerry A10.
But the interesting news that we recently received suggests that BB decided to launch another full touch smartphone which will be named as “Z5” though it possess a low end device shape but will have some interesting features that are important to know for BB fans. It will have same manner that Q5 does in QWERTY manner.

Rumors regarding launch of Black Berry Z5
Black Berry CEO “Thorsten Heins” has previously claimed that his company will launch total of 6 smartphone this year and we already know 3 of them (Z10, Q10 and the Q5) been confirmed and other 3 will be launched in second half of the year.
Black Berry last flagship model was A10 that has been recently appeared on the screen, and now we heard that BB Z5 is ready to be revealed.
Hardware specs:
 Although hardware specs are not yet clear of the A10 and the Z5, but we are sure that the Z5 will be a low-end device, because A10 is high end device and it’s not possible that BB launch two high end devices simultaneously. The latest rumors suggests that, BB will produce all 6 devices with a 4.2 inch display and also with same screen resolution of 768 x 1280.
Furthermore, if the device possess a QWERTY pad then will have a 3.1 inch display while the resolution will be of 720 x 720, same that we see in Q10.

In my view reason of same screen size and resolution is BB wanted that their developers will face less difficulty in building Apps for all devices with same resolution. But if you are expecting a full HD display on the A10, then this might not be the case.
At the end Strategy of BB is quite straight forward they wanted to launch their all devices at the end of the year while in that case A10 might be the flagship device of BB followed by Z10 and Z5 while on the other hand in the QWERTY we expect two low-end devices including Q5, and the Q10 and there is the chance that BB might launch a high end QWERTY device with them.
If this is the case which device will you prefer let us know in your comments and also if Black Berry Launch Z5 as a reasonable device will you prefer to buy it?

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