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HTC One Max (HTC T6) Verizon Release

Few days ago i discussed that  HTC T6 is now a days in rumors because it is expected to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor, Rumors calming that HTC T6 is heading to many carriers in USA including Verizon, but we should keep in mind that Verizon has not yet release HTC One and is expected that Verizon will release HTC T6 first. Verizon is largest 4G LTE carrier in USA.   
In a while after the release of HTC One many experts are claiming that HTC is planning to make a larger version of its flagship HTC One. Reports suggests that HTC is planning for larger screen smartphone, in-order to compete with Samsung in large screen cellular phone market. Rumored name of this device is HTC T6, as we know HTC One was named as HTC M7. Possibly its retail name will be HTC One max. 
HTC one was a series competitor to the flagship model of Samsung s4 same is the case with HTC One max we can expect a strong rivalry among these two devices, because HTC one max is built by keeping in mind that it will face Note 3.  

Specifications Rumored:

Specifications that we are expected in HTC T6 will include a 5.9-inch screen size with true HD 1080 pixels display. 3,300 mAh battery will be on board. As far as processor is concerned a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor is expected in HTC T6. HTC T6 will have 16 GB internal memory with 2 GB of ram. Same ultrapixlel camera is likely in HTC T6. Android 5.0 key lime pie will debut later this year and T6 will probably will include it. However Users most favorite feature of Note series is its stylus pen and is important to know that what will be the key feature of HTC T6.
So far, we don’t have much to look forward in terms of release of this device through carriers. A famous HTC leaker claimed that only two carriers will get HTC T6 when it arrives, those probably will be Verizon and Sprint because both are carrier of HTC One although Verizon has yet to release it.

As I mentioned above that release date of HTC tablet is not announced but if it will include Android 5 then possibly will arrived later this year, on the other hand Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be released at IFA and IFA likely will be in early September. So we can expect HTC will introduce its phablet likely around the release of Samsung Galaxy Note3.
If HTC One max is really ready to be on floor then we can easily say that it will not only a serious competitor to Note3 but also will be a strong competitor against Sony Xperia Z ultra that is also a rival to Note 3. Sony launched its phablet with stylish and massive display few days ago.

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