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HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia Lumia 925

Though there is no doubt that android is currently offering a lot to its customer and most of high end smart phones now a days are based on Android OS, high end    The Android market has a lot to offer at this point in time. High end monsters such as the HTC One and Samsung galaxy S4 have pretty much stolen the spotlight in past few weeks, but on the other hand Lumia 925 is also offering some powerful specs and also deserve some love from its users as well.

 The Nokia Lumia 925 is the latest flagship smartphone from Nokia. Though its accessibility is still partial and is available in few countries. But yet it manages to impress consumers with its fine looks and also its astonishing camera. But today I decided to compare all latest flagship devices of android and windows as well.

Let’s start with designs of these devices. Even though Samsung Galaxy s4 is currently most sellsmartphone of the market but some people might hurt by opinion that in my view Samsung galaxy s4 has the most boring design, though there is nothing to worry about the design but also has nothing special to offer. In my view S4’s design is just above average because it has same material that was used in manufacturing of S3.
 On the other hand, the HTC One claims an all-aluminum case which also depicts that even Andriod smart phones can also have a premium build quality. At last the Nokia Lumia 925 gives a bit of mix flavor between aluminum and polycarbonate.

Now as far as the hardware specs are concern, both the android devices are offering a Full HD are 1080 pixel, whereas the Lumia 925 falls low in this competition and is offering a 4.5 inch display with a resolution of 768 x 1280.
As far Storage and processor is concern both android are offering same 2 GB of RAM with snapdragon 600, but S4 offers 1.9 GHZ clock speed while HTC one offers 1.7 GHZ. The HTC One is available in 32 GB of built-in storage, while the Galaxy S4 model is available with 16 GB but also has added SD card slot. Nokia Lumia is only available in 16 GB variant once again Lumia fails in expanding memory.

Though the storage memory in Lumia 925 is less but is still a great device to use and despite of the fact of its apparent not standing with both android devices but is very attractive device.This comparison is also in the video 
I will write complete comparison among these devices in my up-coming articles but let me know which device will you prefer among these and why?
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