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HTC Phablet T6 Rumors

The rumors are on the floor that HTC might introduced its HTC T6 and most likely its an answer from HTC to the upcoming Samsung galaxy note 3 and if you look at the specs then you may also say that HTC T6 is quite like Galaxy note 3.
Last month, few word came out of a new, phablet from HTC, That is named as HTC T6, As T6 is not the model name its king of code name from the company to its phablet, that’s for sure that it will be in market to compete with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet, that is also planned to be launched this year..
Up till now, many details of HTC T6 are behind the seen because it’s not yet officially unveiled but sources and rumors are claiming many things, we will discuss them. Let’s start a bit about this phablet that will be a competitor of Galaxy note 3, it seems it must be a larger version of HTC One.
According to rumors HTC T6 appears that it will most likely borrow design from the company flagship device HTC One. It will include all specs of HTC One including its speakers and all other things including its processor and camera.
 Experts suggests that it will have a 5.9-inch 1080 pixel display that will be true HD, a dedicated 2.3 GHz quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 16GB will be packed memory for HTC T6. Other specs may include an Ultra pixel camera and battery of 3,300 mAh. It most likely will be powered by Android Key Lime Pie or Android 4.3. Both Key Lime pie and Android 4.3 are expected to come later this year, but it’s not sure which will be introduced this year Android 4.3 or Key Lime Pie.

As we know Samsung Note series is known for its style and some extra ordinary features, in the same manner we can expect that the HTC T6 might come up with unique software from HTC i.e. HTC Scribe.
More rumors are suggesting that HTC might possesses a finger print for some added security and for some extra battery powerjacket is also expected. If these rumors are true then for sure this model must be a strong rival to Note3 and gigantic phablet.

It’s too early to expect reveal date of HTC T6, because it will have Android Key Lime Pie and its release date is not yet announced. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected in last week of August and maximum at first week of September. 
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