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LG Optimus G2 Back Panel Rumors

Few days ago we received lots of tons of leaks about the LG Optimus G2, we already discussed about its hardware specs in my previous post and also we got a trickle of leaked images of remarkable LG Optimus G2. These leaked images would let us know and give us a sneak peak, how device finally is going to be. Recently we get news that LG G2 release rumors.
This release is sure at least for South Korea, because there SK telecom is ready to start their LTE-A network.
On the other side as far as Design of handset is concern, we have yet only get the supposed front panel of the device. But we haven’t conventional any picture of back of the device but we recently acknowledged some leaked images and hence now able to show our valued visitors leaked back image of the device.

 LG Optimus G2 – Accessibility or Not?

Thanks to @Evaleaks they provided us quite amazing and accurate information about gadgets in past. Recently they posted some handy pictures of the LG Optimus G2, by keeping in mind their track record we are pretty sure about these leaked images.

Let’s consider, these images as genuine images then the Optimus G pro might arrive under the umbrella name of LG G2.

More prominently, the front panel picture is same as we have seen in leaked images, but most importantly the back mounted buttons seems handful in controlling the volume of the device.Now, first question come in users mind that is this suitable? At first glance it seems a good idea because in order to control volume during call is very decent style.
Though, we are doubting that whether these button will be used for zoom control during using camera. Now if these will be used for Zoom then this is where the convenient part dead.
To be truthful, if this leaked image is true then I have serious doubts how it will work at the end. These leaked images depicts unquestionably unique design and will received a mixture of opinion from gadget experts. Now we have to wait for its official release?

Tell me in your comments that what are you expecting of this device? Does this design is suitable for LG G2? What you will name this device design? Innovation? Evolution? 
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