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Nexus 5 by LG – To Be Or Not To Be?

If you are gadget enthusiast then you must say that this year is year of gadgets and powerful smartphones and you will admit that no doubt lot of awesome smartphones have been launched in this first five months of the year 2013.

And now we are heading on the way to the second half of the year, and in this half few more device are expected that are awesome in terms of specifications because technology is improving day by day and we have some more powerful devices on the board such as LG Optimus Pro G, Samsung flagshipNote 3 and Motorola flagship is also in Queue, on the other hand the predictable Nexus smartphones are also expected this year.
Today I will discuss about the next Nexus smartphone that I mentioned above and there is lot of rumors that which company will be chosen by Google to build its smartphones that are so called “Nexus 5”. If we guess about the release of this device then we are pretty sure that Google will release its device in the later part of this year probably the fourth part of this year.

Rumors are on fire that Google will make its next Nexus device with LG and gadgets experts are also claiming this because Korea times revealed that Google’s Larry page met with the Koo Bon-Joon LG’s CEO.
 At that time, it was taken obvious that this meeting was held only with a purpose to talk about the next Nexus flagship smartphone from Google. This seems true because both two big android mobile companies HTC and Samsung manufactures the devices for the Google (yes, we including HTC Dream as Google device) but the last year device Nexus 4 was made by LG and was a big hit and LG done good job in building Nexus 4.
 On the other hand Europe vice president of LG Mobiles made whole industry in confusion by saying that they are not currently working on Nexus 5 but they would love to do it if Google will like to go ahead.
Now, if this is true and LG is not going to build it, seems that release of Nexus 5 would not be possible in 2013 and is possibly stay out of the question.
A new report is released by a Korean site “which has good record of leaking official info”
Suggests that manufacturing of Nexus 5 will be made by a non-other than LG and device is already in its testing state and will be revealed in few weeks

Again it also sounds logical but it is still pretty confusing and it’s hard to believe which one is right and which one is false. Now tell us what you people think whether LG is going to build this device or some other manufacturer?  Would you like manufacturing of Nexus 5 other than LG?
Let me know about your suggestions and thinking in the comments section.
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