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Samsung Announces New Galaxy S4 Variant As World's First LTE Advanced Device

Many of you are followers of Samsung products and, you may glad to know that Samsung announced its S4 LTE a day before yesterday in South Korea. Samsung S4 LTE Advanced will only be available in above mentioned region, as expected and rest of the countries will get this model in next few months.

In my previous article I wrote that Even LTE Advanced data network is not available in many countries but only in a small region of Russia, but this will not affect the device to   be a monster because not only due to its LTE-A but also has increment in processor and this model of S4 will have a snapdragon 800 on the board. LTE A has capability of doubling the upload and download speed as compared to simple LTE.

Now a question must arise in your mind that how much the LTE A version is powerful as the simple version? . If a normal LTE user compares its head set with the LTE A version then surely say that this model will destroy the S4 last version not only due to its speed but also due to snapdragon 800, because snapdragon 800 is much more powerful processor than the previous version processor, simply will put an end to the last version of S4.  

Now I will discuss two most famous head to head benchmark test i.e. Antutu and Quadrant among these models of same handset. Antutu results shows that Octa core Galaxy S4 got 27172 points while Galaxy S4 LTE-A got 29976, clearly shows LTE-A model is winner against the simple model.
Quadrant results shows LTE-A model got 18581 points, on the other hand simple got only 12525 points, S4 LTE-A is here winner again.We all know that Octa core Galaxy S4 is marginal in S4 family while most markets including North America has only received the Snapdragon 600 processor handsets.

This model usually scores Low in bench mark test. Now you can clearly see that if S4 model is surpassing this test with huge point score then what will be its regular version. You can express your views with us in comment section.

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