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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Leaked Image

Suspected Samsung Galaxy Note 3 again in the news. Few days ago I wrote about the leaked specs of Samsung galaxy Note 3, and today again we found some more leaked news about the possible Note 3. These images are revealed by Chinese website @punkpanda, they claimed they got the leaked photo of Note 3.

At first look question arises is this note 3? The leaker’s claimed that Note 3 will possess a 6 inches screen and will be a screen office for 84% users.If you look this pic, you will clearly notice that the gadget shown in pic has round corners while Note 3 that we discussed earlier will possess straight edges (first contradiction). 

This doesn't means these images are fake but the fact is Samsung often places their devices in fake shells a kind of camouflage.One important thing that I notice is both leaked devices have same common narrow bezel, users will probably find this an improvement over the Note 2.

Let me know about what do you think about this leaked image? And also does this device looks like Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3?

Once again thanks to PunkPanda for providing this leaked image.
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