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Samsung Galaxy S4 Advanced – Why We’re Looking Forward To It

If you are follower of Samsung products then possibly you are aware of new Samsung Galaxy S4 variant. The important thing to know is this model will be packed with some improved hardware specs over the original one and will also support LTE Advanced network connectivity. However, as I mentioned above that all the focus is on its LTE Advance aspect of the device, which is a bit strange seeing certain features.

LTE Advanced is probably the next generation mobile network data.That’s why we all are also looking forward to it. First I will discuss what we can expect from LTE advanced, it will provide users a true “4G” data network and will deliver the download speed up-to 3 Gbps, while upload speed up-to 1.5 Gbps, that’s seems pretty amazing but actually, in real-world this speed is not much high, but due to Advanced version of network data it will surely surpass the current performance of the 4G LTE.

The Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced version is made to be fully compatible with this new data network. Consumers in Korea may expect this device to hit shelves in next few weeks, while release in US and the rest of the world is also expected sooner but yet has to confirm the US release.

As mentioned above, LTE Advanced data network is next generation network, and you may wonder to know that LTE Advanced is not available now in many countries except some regions of Russia. Conversely it doesn't make sense that why Samsung is revealing its LTE Advanced model so early?

A question must arise in your mind that then why would you buy the handset now? first of all, we should know that this model is not only about the data speeds but will also come with the snapdragon 800 processor. Hence this will be the most powerful mobile CPU at that time, but hold for a second only Nvidia’s Tegra 4 is able to compete with it.

Moreover, all carriers in the US already announced that they are working on LTE Advanced and very soon they will bring this network technology to their users. Additionally, AT&T also confirmed that they will provide LTE-A network in the second half of this year.

So generally, the S4 LTE Advanced at this time might not provide that speeds that we discuss above but will be able of doing so within the next 6 months or so, depends on the carrier and also region.

In the meantime, users of the device will still claim that they have one of the most powerful smartphones that is available in the market, because of Qualcomm’s latest processor.

Now tell us in comment section will you spent money for LTE Advanced version or remain stick to your older version of device.

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