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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5 (comparison)

Few weeks ago Samsung launched its flagship mobile S4 and now it seems that dust of S4 settled down and hence decided to make a complete comparison among Apple IPhone 5  and Samsung Galaxy S4.  Both are High end smartphones while S4 is launched this year and have some astonishing specifications while on the other hand Apple only had its previous version to compete with latest flagship device of Samsung.


Last year iPhone introduces a new taller size than its previous iPhone model and due to this iterations users can enhance an additional row of apps on their desktop.
Though its height increased but is still one of the slimmest high end smartphone that is available in the market and is easy to hold in single hand.

As far as Samsung Galaxy S4 is concerned it’s no doubt is extraordinarily light weight and thin but not as light weight as IPhone 5. S4 is 130 gram while the iPhone 5 is 112 grams. Overall IPhone 5 is winner in this contest.


Now come to Appearance both possess a very impressive design but it is totally dependent on the perception of customer. IPhone 5 has an extra toggle button for mute but it’s not matter of judgment. But in my view IPhone Appearance is attractive due to its design metal while S4 is of plastic metal and in tech industry Plastic is “no-no”.  Both are attractive but its matter of taste.


Display wise Samsung S4 is far much better than IPhone 5 because of its AMOLED display and 1080 Pixel screen resolution, IPhone 5 has a 4 inch tall display with an 1135 x 640 screen resolution. Moreover user interface of S4 is more attractive than IPhone 5 because of its taller display size and high screen resolution. Samsung galaxy S4 is winner in this race.

 Operating Software:

If you compare both OS then you will also say that in order for this comparison you have to be loyal to one OS.  Apple OS is still more secure and cleaned UI than android OS because of its, closed development environment and due to this closed environment, it have no risk of viruses. The Galaxy S4 is running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Apple rely heavily on their apps for innovation. But as far innovation is concerned S4 has more innovative UI. So in my view Samsung S4 OS is better than Apple IPhone 5 OS because of its responsive and animated UI.


Samsung S4 is powered by snapdragon 600 processor clocked higher to 1.9 GHz, same processor is used in HTC One. On the other hand Apple stick to its own processor and used A6 in IPhone 5 but Samsung S4 processor is faster than IPhone 5. I again appreciate that Apple stick to its own technology but on ground reality Samsung’s processor is stronger than Apple’s processor.  In this case S4 is winner. 


Both the smart phones come with same size variant 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB but the main differentiating point is that S4 supports SD cards while Apple doesn't support. This is the only area where Samsung beats both Apple IPhone 5 and HTC One.


The iPhone 5 still possess one of the most inspiring cameras up till now. IPhone 5 has same 8 MP camera as previous 4S has but has an enhanced HDR, But the S4, yet has an amazing 13 MP camera and also a rear camera of 2 MP. But an impressive feature of S4 camera is its photos swap, users can edit and add special effects to their pictures.  

Battery Life:

Samsung S4 has a very impressive battery of 2600 mAh while IPhone has 1432 mAh but in comparison S4 is not leading only in figures but also in standby time and usage. IPhone battery drains very rapidly on 4G LTE and also when using WIFI, while S4 provides a battery timing of 17 Hours for talk time and 300 hour on standby, these figures are quite


As far as price is concerned 16 GB S4 is available for 150$ while IPhone 5 is available for 99$ only and difference in the price is because IPhone 5 was launched a year ago, on the other hand S4 is released a few weeks ago and its price is high and price will be decreased in upcoming weeks. price range of Apple is better and is more User friendly. 

Overall Winner:

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