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Samsung Will Back First Two Tizen OS Devices

Samsung is currently working on a new OS that is powered by Tizen and they wanted to produce two devices which will be powered by Tizen OS and we should keep in mind that not only Samsung but Intel is also the main backer in this project and that’s not a surprise for most of gadget fans that Korean manufacturer is heavily promoting this OS and might promote it in their upcoming products.

According to latest rumors Samsung will produce two of its devices that will be powered by Tizen OS and these devices supposed will be named as the Samsung GT-I8805 and named as Redwood while the other one will be the GT-I8800 named as Melius.

Now come to point that when these devices are expected then Tizen duo is expected to come sometime in summer in US and Europe, so both the devices, the Redwood and Melius release date seems will be in sometime in late summer or in early autumn.
We are not sure that whether Samsung is still working on the prototypes of these devices and if they reached in testing stage then we can expect a soon official announcement of these devices.
According to latest reports one of the device Redwood will be the flagship model that is expected will be powered by 4G LTE connectivity while Melius will be a sort of mid-range smartphone  which consist of ONLY 3G connectivity.

At the end if these devices are powered by Tizen OS will you prefer to buy it? Will Samsung spend the same amount on its promotion that they spent on their Galaxy products?  Let me know about what you think about these Tizen devices.
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  1. Tizen is a new operating system and Samsung coming with is cool. I am waiting a phone with Tizen OS.

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