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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Rumors

Now a days many smart phone companies are making super-sized model of their smart phones and these companies are HTC and Samsung making HTC T6 and Samsung Note 3 respectively. Now rumors are present that Sony is also planning to build a bigger edition of its Xperia Z smartphone and that will be named as Xperia Z ultra. It is expected to come in early July.

At the moment we get this news because of the fact that Xperia Blog has recently received an invitation from Sony and text written on invitation claims that “Sony mobile has a big surprise for you” clearly indicating that Sony planned to reveal a big smartphone that must be a phablet phone. invitation in the picture below

Currently if we are on right track that seems true then we can expect a challenger to Samsung Flagship Note devices.
Samsung Note users can write their handwritten notes with the S pen and they don’t have to carry some sort of Bluetooth device to connect to their systems, for many users it’s a good and easy way of making hand written notes. 
Now if we look the device on the invitation then we can say that its design is pretty much same as Xperia Z but the difference that we expect influence will be that phablet phone might not possess a water resistant design.

If Xperia Z Ultra isn’t a water proof hand set that would a disappointment for most of Sony users because one of the main reason of Xperia Z hit is its waterproof design that is some-thing that customer finds extra from Sony. 
As far as Xperia Z Ultra specs are concerned supposedly will possess a 6.44 inch full HD display with 1080 P resolution, an 8 MP camera, and Snapdragon processor of 2.2 GHz with 2 GB of ram. 16 GB internal storage is expected in Xperia Z ultra. If Xperia Z ultra comes in few weeks then it will be a solid competitor to Note 2 but also the rumored Galaxy Note 3 that is expected to come later this year.

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