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Sprint Moto X Rumors

Now a day’s many Motorola followers are waiting for the first big smartphone from Motorola of this year, is expected in later summer. This model is named as Moto X and is also known as XT1056, though device is official but many details including its look is still unclear. A new photo leaked depicting the first Look of American variant upcoming Motorola device.   
Previously this year, Motorola announces its new Moto X and hence the rumors finally put to break, and as expected lots of rumors are present before the release of this device. Though, the device is officially announced but many details of device is yet to be revealed. These details including its hardware specs, its price, its software, its design and two most important thing its carrier and release date are still in rumors.

But you shouldn’t take tension about the information, many details are already surfacing, In fact many gadget leakers confirmed that device is passed through FCC and is already on its way to four American carriers including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and US cellular. If this rumor is true then Motorola already cleared that they are releasing their device this time on more than one Carrier, this would be a great change from old Motorola if this happens.
In addition to the FCC splinters, we have a leaked image and as mentioned above depicts that we have first clear Look of American Variant Moto X due to Motorola Smartphone Leakers and they also claimed that this picture is of Sprint Moto X.
The smartphone, which seems in the rough, is almost same like the lot of old leaks that we see in past, but change is it’s more clearer than the old ones.

Rumored Specifications:

 As far as specs are concerned Rumors suggests that this device will have round edges and will be running on Android 4.2 with a Motorola sign on top left corner. It will possess 16 GB of internal memory and will include a removable memory.

Display Rumors:

Now come to rumors this device is expected to come with a 4.7 inch display that is already in news, But this remains unclear that whether the device is going to run Sprints 4G LTE network or not, but as its release is at the end of summer, we can expect Likely announcement is not too far.

Rumors are floating that Motorola might allow their customers to customize their devices according to their requirement but this option details are yet to leak, it is expected that this device Moto X will be powered by a powerful and smart Software though nature of software is in dark this time but Motorola will reveal it very soon.

Tell me what you think about this device? If this device comes with some spectacular specs then whether it will be choice for smartphone buyers? 
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