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10 Ways the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Could Beat the Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Note 3 is on the way and it’s pretty difficult to expect in how many ways this upcoming Note 3 is better than Note 2.  The answer is quite a bit.

 Few years ago, Samsung launched its First Flagship Slate named as Galaxy Note phablet. At first critics and buyers are doubting that whether this device can bring change because it contains properties of both Tablet and smartphone, but later on Note prove its worth due to its characteristics and stylish S pen (a dominant feature of Samsung note tabs).
After a year Samsung launched its Note 2 and with few changes Samsung made its note up to date and no doubt Galaxy Note 2 is one of the best slate available in the market.This year, rumors on are floating that Samsung decided to launch next model of its flagship Note will be named as Note 3. Expected that this device will also be a great hit from Samsung in android market.

Up till now we have tons of rumors regarding the release date, specifications and also about display of device. Most substantial release date of Note 3 is in September.  As release is few months away, interested buyers are looking for comparison of latest device NOTE 3 with last year device NOTE 2.Though we don’t have authentic answers of this comparison but we can differentiate among these device in the presence of some credible rumors.
Let’s, consider 10 different ways differentiating these devices, and how Note 3 can beat Note 2 in terms of specs.
1: Resolution Display
Though Samsung improved the quality of display in Note 2 but yet it failed to provide a good quality of display.
Original Note consists of a 5.3 inch display with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixel while pixel per inch is 284.8. On the other hand Note 2 supports 5.5 inch display with screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixel and pixel per inch is 265 pixels. Though both are good but are not able to provide a big jump in screen resolution quality.

Now as far as Note 3 is concerned according to rumors Samsung will do that big jump in this Note and will offer a true HD display of 1080 pixels and pixels per inch will be well over than 300.Samsung will must provide a 1080 pixels Note 3 because few days LG announces its G pro with 5.5 inch display and 1080 pixels display.This must be the first difference between Note 2 and Note 3.
2: Low-Light Photos
In last 2 Notes Samsung didn't try too hard on low light photos and that is the area where both Notes lacks. Both Notes powered by an 8 MP rear camera but unfortunately both are not close to top line camera sensors available that time in market.

Rumors suggests that Note 3 will be featuring a 13 MP camera that will benefit its users. When Note 3 featuring 13 MP camera sensor then Low light photos quality will be drastically improved and users can easily shoot photos in low light.
3: Visual Zoom
Often modern devices have digital zoom and due to this users can tap on screen and camera App zoom in on photo. Still, this zoom is not true zoom but in this camera crop the photo and quality of photo drops.
One of the significant feature of latest Note 3 is that it will have 3X optical zoom this will allow user to zoom photos without sacrificing the quality of photo.If this rumor is true then it would be shame for Note 2 camera but also for others cameras of high end devices. 
4: S Pen Experience will be improved
One of the biggest features that boosts the last 2 note is its S pen that Samsung gives buyers with device. This change differentiate Note series from all other big screen devices. From Note 1 to Note 2 Samsung not only improved the tweak of its S pen but also improved the software of device.

By keep in mind the track record of Samsung in terms of S pen we can surely say that Samsung will enhance the user experience of S pen.If screen size of Note 3 will be increased which seems possible then user may have opportunity to use up more space for Note 3 S pen then used ever.
We can expect same Galaxy S4 sensor that allows users to use finger as S pen, so overall Note 3 will be featuring some specifications of S4 and users will likely have some sort of mixture of S pen and touch movements. 
5: Gaming Experience will be better
You may believe or not to know that many customers buy device on the basis that how device provides Gaming experience. Previous models of Note series were owe-sum and provide a fantastic experience of gaming because of their large display and off course access to Google play store. 

It is expected that Note 3 will be plain and simple and users will get best gaming experience and will surely be the best from Samsung that they offered up till now. Note 3 will be powered by snapdragon 800 latest and best processor from snapdragon up till now. This means users can run their games smoothly.Though Note 2 was a great gaming gadget but we can expect even better from Note 3.
6: Wireless Charging
In Galaxy S4 Samsung offered wireless charging, in this way Samsung finally delivered its promise of wireless charging, Samsung will release wireless charging kit in upcoming weeks so users of S4 can charge their devices without wires.  
We can expect wireless charging feature in Note 3 because Note 3 is equivalent important device for Samsung and it would be strange to see Note 3 with wireless charging feature. This could be the area where Note 3 will beat Note 2.
7: Design
Now come to design, some people are expecting that Samsung might bring a big overall change but rumors are suggesting that device will be featuring same plastic look but with a new style based on Galaxy S4.

But, this doesn't mean that Note 3 won’t have twists, it’s for sure that twists will make design of Note 3 better than its predecessor.  Comparison among Note 1, Note 2 and Note 3 dimensions and weight is given in the table below. Note dimension of Note 3 are based on certain Rumors.
Galaxy Note 1
Galaxy Note 2
 Galaxy Note 3
146.9 x 83 x 9.7 mm  (Dimension)
151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm  (Dimension)
Frame will be about 8 mm
6.28 oz. (weight)
6.35 oz. (weight)
6.41 oz (weight)

8: Speakers will be improved  

Some buyers are interested to buy device with better speaker quality and sound. Note series is known for its fantastic Sound Quality, so we can expect same kind of stuff thing from Note 3. However sound is not as good as of HTC’s devices.  HTC devices supports Beats Audio and also have front facing speakers that provides owe-sum experience while listening to some music or watching movie
9: IR Port
One of important feature of S4 that is less discussed is its IR port which allow users to control home entertainment device through their devices. S4 can be used as universal remote for TV and also for speakers. The previous Galaxy Note does not feature an IR port but we can expect IR port in Galaxy Note 3.
10: Better Battery Life
Finally the main point that Samsung should focus on battery lasting time of Note 3. Note 2 has Good battery life because of its massive battery, now Note 3 is coming with larger display we can expect  a giant battery in order to run Note 3 for several hours.

As device comes with Snapdragon 800 or Exynos 5 Octa is able to provide good battery life and also balance of power. We can expect some extra ordinary battery Life from Note 3 because of Note 3 battery.

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