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5 Ways The IPhone 5S Could Beat The iPhone 5

Despite the fact that nothing is definite, but we have reports claiming that Apple will replace its flagship iPhone 5 with its next model iPhone 5S, Sometime well ahead this year. If iPhone will be replaced, then it will be surely a competitor to its predecessor model. 

Last year in fall Apple replaced its iPhone 4S with iPhone 5, Apple launched its flagship model with current mobile OS iOS 6. This current mobile OS, iOS 6 was launched by company at WWDC 2012. IPhone 5 was an innovative device due to many reasons.

Why iPhone 5 was innovative device

The first reason was its design Apple before iPhone 5 usually uses plastic and glass design but in iPhone 5 they used design of glass and aluminum, that’s dissimilarity from Apple in terms of design. Secondly iPhone 5 came with 4G LTE data speeds that was not available in previous models. This model also comprises a 4 inch display that was larger than all other previous models, in all previous models size of display is 3.5 inches. 

Though this model from iPhone has to face rivalry in the form of Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 2 also from HTC One but device remains as one of the best device of the year, and will remain as best option on table for its customers even after Apple replaces it with its successor this year.
As every Apple device is heavily rumored, same is the case with iPhone 5S and now a days rumors are floating that this device will replace iPhone 5. Though this device is an upgrade from its previous model but yet Apple will try to make its device appealing for those who are looking to buy a new device later this year. 

As I mentioned above this device will be update from previous model so it will not completely replace iPhone 5, even after its release. I will discuss five points that will bring a match-up between Successor and predecessor.  
Now, I will take a look at the five most important things that in my opinion buyers should need before buying the heavily rumored iPhone 5S.

5 things differentiating iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S


We know Apple S successor models are always faster than the previous models. If we look at the past record of Apple we can definitely claim that Apple always put an upgraded camera and also new faster processor in its S models. Apple’s currently rumored model is S model so it will have same design but will feature some increments that I mentioned above.

Rumors are present that the iPhone 5S will be powered by A6X chip, this chip was also used in iPad 4, and second option is A7 chip, this chip could also deliver enhance performance. Whatever chip will be used but we can see boosted speedy iPhone 5S. This means this device will be sharper than iPhone 5 when we compare it in terms of software and specifically stuffs like multi-tasking.

Also rumors are present that Apple will power its device with Advanced-LTE. Though this will not create difference at first but after few years users will find this very useful. As in my previous article I discussed that LTE Advance network will allow users to boost their downloading speed up to 150 Mbps, Now a days current LTE networks are giving users downloading speed up-to 10 Mbps on average. Carriers like Verizon are looking to upgrade their LTE network to LTE Advanced network and will complete this upgrade in 2 years.     
With the increment in processor and LTE Advanced network we can see iPhone 5, much speedier than its predecessor. 


Certain Reports are claiming that iPhone 5S is likely going to have a camera sensor of 13 Mega Pixel. Though camera of iPhone 5 is good, but there are convinced area for improvement. In addition to that, a recent report claiming that Apple iPhone 5S will come with some unique features in its camera, it might have a slo-mo video capture that will be delightful for regular camera users.


Those people who are not interested to buy smartphone of high price tag then iPhone 5 will be the best choice for them for years to come, because of Apple’s way of keeping its devices updated and its fantastic hardware.
After iPhone 3GS release apple tends to keep its devices updated for last 3 years. iPhone 3GS gets update of iOS 4 when iPhone 4 released and same with iPhone 4, it receives update of iOS 6 when iPhone 5 came out.

This means after release of iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 will still remain as a solid device for purchase and expected that iPhone 5 will be dropped down to 99$ or so on contract and new iPhone 5S is expected to start at a price tag of 199$ on contract.


I am pretty much sure that iPhone 5S will have all carriers that are for iPhone 5.  IPhone 5 was sent to all major carriers of US including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. These all are currently selling iPhone 5. But we can expect another major carrier involved in release as well.

I am claiming this because earlier this year US cellular show their intention to carry iPhone, they didn’t mention the device but most probably it would be the next iPhone. So we can expect that US cellular will also carry iPhone 5S expected to launch this fall.  
Though US cellular is fifth largest carrier of US but that won’t be attractive for many people, but some people certainly must be involved to buy from them. After iPhone 5S release we can claim iPhone 5 as its alternative for cheaper iPhone.


We can’t say that iPhone 5S will be redesigned because Apple kept its design for two years. As I mentioned above this device will be an S iPhone, so most probably it will have same design as of iPhone 5, and that is not bad at all. 

Let’s discuss iPhone 5 design for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 is the thinnest and the lightest frame in the market. Weight is about 112 grams while thickness is 7.1 mm. Leaked parts suggests that Apple might put something for durability of its device around its sides. Where usually aluminum shows deterioration.
Rumors also suggests same story due to leaked information that there is no chance of redesign of device. Customers who hated this current design should have to wait for year until release of iPhone 6. However it would be perfect for many customers who like this design and claims it as one of the best design available in market.

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