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Android Head Confirmed New Nexus 10 is Set For Near Future

New Nexus 7  launched yesterday, and now rumors starts swirling that Nexus 7 2 might be join by a new Nexus tab that is Nexus 10. Although existence of this gadget is apparently confirmed by Google Android head Sundar pichai that device will come in near future, but customers shouldn't expect it to reveal soon.
Yesterday, Google revealed it new Nexus 7 device, a 7 inch device with improved display, better processor, a 5 MP rear camera and 4G LTE network, more details in the link below. 
According to a recent report, Android head Sundar Pichai stated that new Nexus 10 will be built by Samsung and customers can see device in near future, but we should keep in mind that near future doesn't mean that device will hit tomorrow or in few days. We can expect device in few weeks and customers should start lightening their anticipation. 

Last year Google announces Nexus 10 in November, along with Android 4.2. This device was also a hit like Nexus 7 and remained dominant in 10 inch tab market, and was widely available at Google play store. As Nexus 7 2 Google usually launch device after a year, in the same way we can expect device not before than November.
Lest take a look on Google launch history, they usually launch hardware devices along with Software updates. Last year Galaxy Nexus was launched alongside with Android 4.1, while Nexus 7 was launched with Android 4.2, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 were launched by Android 4.2.

This year Google launched new Nexus 7 with Android 4.3. Now it seems that Google will launch Nexus 10 along with Android 5.0, this update is expected to be launched in October, while Nexus 10 will be of 1 year in November, so we can expect a connection in launch of this device and Android update.       
As I mentioned above that in Technology world, “soon or near future” doesn't mean that device is coming tomorrow or in some weeks. But so far happening is confirming that we can expect a new Nexus 10 not before than October or November.
let me know in comments section that when you expecting Nexus 10 ?

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