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Apple IPhone 5S Launch Rumors

The release of iPhone 5S has been suspended for September for many times and now a new rumor suggests that Apple might launch its cheaper iPhone model, on September 6th. Just a reminder that 6th September is the day when IFA conference will starts in Berlin Germany. Certain rumors are also claiming that Samsung Note 3 is expected to be the star of that Conference. Now if this rumor is true then we can expect that Apple cheap iPhone will surely attain some attention, and will steal the Note 3 boom.   

For last few months, we have certain reports and rumors that in this year Apple is planning to launch two iPhone devices, one will be the successor of iPhone 5 that is commonly labelled as iPhone 5S, while other will be a cheaper plastic iPhone.
Apple planned cheaper iPhone in-order to compete with cheaper Android gadgets that have engulfed the smart phone market, while flagship iPhone 5S model is made to contest with other flagship models, this iPhone will take design of iPhone 5 but will be featuring some boosted processor and also improved camera is estimated.   
Expected release date of iPhone models is sometime before 28th September, because of Apple Q4 earning regulation.  Although Apple isn’t saying when it will launch it devices, but certain gadget experts are predicting that Apple might launch its devices on September 6th, Now we know that Samsung usually uses IFA as launching pad of its Note devices, and this time seems that HTC might also launch a 6 inch HTC One Max, in order to compete with Samsung Note 3.  
Typically launching dates of Apple gadgets, remain disposed to surface about a month before of their announcement, so we can expect that this launching date, might be correct. This information is leaked by iFun, and their past record shows they have been precise to their info. Apple devices launch date continue very uncertain until officially disclosed.

So far rumored specs of iPhone 5S are that it will boost an improved camera, processor and Finger print editor is also whispered for this device, but certain rumors are floating that Apple is facing trouble in production of Fingerprint scanner, it’s still not clear that whether this will impact the iPhone that Apple is going to launch later this year.

Apple iPad mini 2 is also expected later this year, but up-till now there is no symbols of iPad mini 2 release on September 6th.  But as far as iPhone 5S release is concerned it’s still unclear, whether Apple will affect the launch of Note 3, which is for sure will be released at IFA 2013 Berlin Germany. 
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