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Apple iPhone 5S specs, release date rumors

All of us will be agree on the fact that first six months of 2013 was for Android smart phones. In First half of this year mobile market is dominated by Android smart phones including flagship devices from Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony. Android smart phones are powered by lusted Full HD screen, and their design is made by aluminum, Poly carbonate and in some models glass unibodies is also used.   

Now as far as Apple iPhone 5 is concerned, it seems like high end desiring Android devices put this smartphone in a bit dark, and light on this device is stolen by Android high end devices. Now a question must arise in your mind that what Apple will do next? So far we have few rumored devices from Apple for this fall and that are iPad mini 2, iPhone 5S and an Apple TV is also likely may possibly be on way. 
Today I will discuss all the possible features of Apple flagship iPhone 5S, we all know that Apple will try its best to regain its smart phone crown.

Apple iPhone 5S specs


When it move toward to the specs of the next iPhone flagship model, we can expect a new A7 chip from Apple for its next iPhone, and there are very less chance of A6X chips that were already used in latest iPad. However rumors are floating that Apple is currently working on A7 chips for next generation iPad 5 and  iPhone 5S.
Before last year, Apple usually works with Samsung for production of processor for its iPhone devices, but after the recent Legal battle between two companies, it seems that Apple is not in mood to work with Samsung for processors, hence Intel chips are clearly candidate of being used in next model of iPhone. 

Extra features:

Now if we consider alleged images of iPhone 5S models, these images shows that Apple might do some changes in hardware configuration, in order to add some extra features like NFC and also wanted to make some space for a bigger battery.    

Apple superbly planned to suppress NFC for iPhone 5 because both Samsung S3 and S4 by default featured this new connectivity, and most likely Apple might wanted to integrate this time around.
Certain reports are suggesting that Taiwan Company Chipbond has got the contract of building components for Apple iPhone 5S, these components also included NFC, and further more a finger print scanner is also expected in iPhone 5S, if this feature will be added then it will be an extra added security feature.


As far as storage is concerned, it seems that Apple might launch a new phone with 128 GB memory, like they upgraded latest iPad.  

Screen resolution:

All latest Android devices are packed with HD screens and screen resolution of these devices are very high, recent rumors are also suggesting that Apple most likely will include 1920 x 1080 pixel display, in order to compete with the latest Android flagship phones.   


Certain rumors are suggesting that Apple will launch iPhone 5S with variety of colors, like iPod variety. We are not sure whether Apple will go with different colors or not but if this happens, it surely will be an attractive fact for Apple buyers.


Latest flagship handsets from Samsung and Sony arrived with a 13 MP camera, while HTC apply a different route for Camera, they used a 4 MP “ultra-pixel” camera, which gives a very good results and is also on same level like other flagship devices.

Now camera of iPhone 5S is heavily based on company decision, if company follow HTC’S route they will add a 4 MP ultra-pixel camera, otherwise they will include a 13 MP camera in 5S, but reports are suggesting that Apple will add a 13 MP camera, and will follow the Samsung and Sony’s track, In past Apple constantly incremented the camera specs in each model.

Release date:

Many reports and rumors are signifying that Apple iPhone 5S manufacturing starts from June 2013, and good news is Apple will launch device earlier rather than far ahead. Most authentic report suggests that Apple planned iPhone 5S for later fall and most probably will be launched at WWDC 2013, where Apple usually launches its new iOS.

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  1. what a nice device
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