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customers of IPhone 5S should start saving for September

For last few weeks we are keeping you update regarding the latest flagship device of Apple, as expected new iPhone 5S will debut later this year, though we don’t have confirmed release date of iPhone 5S, but according to latest reports most likely release date of this device is September or October. This means the buyers of iPhone 5S should start saving, for the arrival of this device in September.

Last year Apple launched iPhone 5 in September with iOS 6, prominent feature of last year iPhone was larger screen and LTE network. This device proved as a worthy successor of iPhone 4S. Now new rumors are indicating that Apple is ready to launch next model of its flagship iPhone device.
As I mentioned in my previous articles that upcoming model of iPhone is thought to be an ‘S’ series iPhone commonly known as iPhone 5S. Now according to so far rumors, device is expected will come with same design of iPhone 5, but with improved camera and most likely it will include iOS 7, and also there is chance of finger print reader, but we can mention it as possibility.

So far rumors haven’t conclude the release date of iPhone 5S, but mostly reports are suggesting its September or October, release. We can also claim this time span because of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s comment he said that fall timeline is time of Company’s new product.
Also latest rumor comes from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, claims that Apple started production of iPhone 5S in this month and most probably they will launch iPhone 5S, soon after iOS 7 release, which is expected in September. According to another report Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn started hiring splurge before of iPhone 5S entrance.While nothing is confirmed yet, but it’s almost clear that Apple is preparing for another launch for this fall, and most likely it will be iPhone 5S.

There is another rumor and according to this Apple might release iPhone 5S in August, this launch time must be nice for many buyers, but considering current situation of iOS 7 we can’t consider this rumors and from now on we should focus on Fall release of iPhone 5S.
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