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Five Things To Know Before Launch Of IPad Mini 2

If you are interested in tablets then you must know, number of big names of 7 inch slates are already present in present including Apple’s iPad mini, Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. Mentioned devices were launched a year ago and now we have news that companies of all devices are planning to release next generation or successor of their flagship devices. Google’s device is expected to come in few weeks and will be known as Google Nexus 7 2.  On the other hand Apple’s device will be known as iPad mini 2. While Amazon’s device will be known as Kindle Fire HD 2. Customers have to wait few months then they have successor of these devices.
Are you waiting for the iPad mini 2? 

Last year was full of 7 inch tablets and we can say last year as a good year for 7 inch tabs. In July last year Google announces its flagship Nexus tablet, commonly known as Nexus 7. This device was combination of powerful specs, OS from Google and also the significant point in its success is its price tag. This device was one of the big surprise of last year.
After Google, Amazon releases its Kindle Fire HD, this device boosted all services of Amazon on its 7 inch display. This device was also best choice for many customers who are looking for more portable device then regular one. Final Launch of the last year was from Apple was undeniably long rumored IPad mini. This device comprise a 7.9 inch display with Apple iOS 6 Operating Software. Though this device doesn’t have Retina display but has a solid battery with solid battery life. Design of this device was made of aluminum. Soon after its release this device became a strong competitor for both Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. Up till know this device remains as one of the best tablet available in market.   

As I mentioned above, all three companies are planning to release successor of their devices and as expected Google will be the first one to release its device like last year and Amazon will release its device after that and at the end Apple will release its iPad mini. 
I discussed much about Nexus 7 2 but now its time to discuss about iPad mini 2 and will discuss why customers should wait for iPad mini 2 or iPad mini next generation.  
Retina Display
IPad mini don’t have Retina display and due to this iPad mini don’t have capability to show content as clear as IPad 3 or IPad 4, because both devices consist of Retina display. 

Current iPad has a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and ppi (pixels per inch) is 163.Now if the upcoming iPad mini comes with Retina display that is expected then Screen resolution of iPad mini 2 will be around 2048 x 1536 with ppi 324. This is almost double then iPad mini. So this must be tempting point for many customers.   
Both other devices Nexus 7 2 and Kindle Fire HD 2 are expected to make true HD devices so this must be the motive point for Apple and they will try to provide their iPad mini customers with retina display.   
iPad mini 2 won’t Be Expensive
If you look at the track record of Apple then you will notice that Apple be likely to to retain its set a price over year after year. If you are looking to buy iPad mini now then you have to pay around 330$ to buy it, but wait a moment if you wait for few weeks then you might be able to buy iPad mini’s next generation device at same price and with some new upgraded features.

Apple’s sets price of iPhone and larger iPad for years and prices remained changed for years now, if we consider how fine iPad mini sold we can easily suppose that Apple will not change price tag of its iPad mini 2, and will provide some extra ordinary features at same price.
Full iOS 7
Rumors suggested that iOS 7 will be out sometimes in this fall and expected that it will provide some astonishing features to iPad and iPhone users. Though iPad mini will receive this update but it will miss some features of iOS 7 and will not be able to provide full features of iOS 7.

Apple already makes clear that iPad mini will not have features like Panorama and the Filters in its camera from iOS 7. None of the iPad models will have such features and is expected that Apple is saving these features for iPad mini 2, in order to make it unique for its users.Rumors are floating that Apple is building some unique software features for iPhone 5s and we know that iPad mini will be released at same time and so we can expect that Apple might add same features for iPad mini 2 users.
Those who are waiting for full version of iOS 7 rather than a version with some features missing should wait for iPad mini 2.

Improved processor

Apple usually provides upgrade to its camera sensors and also introduces new processor in successor models. IPad mini’s current model possess an A5 dual-core chip, this was also used in iPad 2. Now we can expect Apple will certainly make update to iPad mini processor.

Above mentioned chips or even something newer in iPad mini 2. If processor improved we can easily claim that this device will provide improved performance in all areas, including gaming and performing multiple tasks.


There is no doubt that Apple’s environment is unquestionably strong and this should make iPad mini 2 customers an extremely attractive offer to join Apple’s family and enjoy a wide range of Apps, Accessories and also eccentric support from Apple support unit.    
If a buyer wait for iPad mini 2 rather than buying Nexus or Kindle device then they have opportunity to access the Apple’s App store which is full of Apps for tablets.

Though Google has its own App store and has thousands of Apps but their app store don’t have fair share of Tablets Apps, on the other hand Apple’s App store have fair share of Applications for their tablets. Amazon’s App store can’t even compete Google’s play store. It’s sure that iPad mini 2 will have more variety of accessories, than Nexus 7 2 and also Kindle Fire HD 2.
The support for iPad mini 2 users is much better than Nexus 7 2. If a user has problem with its Apple device, he will simply bring his or her device to Apple store and they will fix problem there, while Google Nexus device users will have to send device and wait for return of device.We can easily say that Apple’s customer service is much more efficient than any other company.

If You Are Interested To Buy IPad Mini

At the end if you are interested to buy iPad mini then in my opinion you should wait for iPad mini 2, so that you can differentiate the difference among these devices and also after release iPad mini 2 , price of iPad mini will also drop.

Still unclear how much price will be dropped but Apple will not likely to kill its iPad mini, and will simply put a price tag around 200$ in order to compete against Nexus 7 2.   

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