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Google Nexus 7 2 : Expected Release Date in July

Nexus 7 2 is in rumors for more than a month, and now many gadget experts are claiming that Nexus 7 2 has just passed another barrier and in on its way for release. The Asus k009 is kind of guarantee sign that Nexus device could be launched in upcoming days.   
Though it is not confirmed that whether Asus k009 and K008 are really upcoming variants of Nexus 7 next generation device. But we have confirmed news that FCC element for Asus k009 is significant sign that device will be a Nexus device and device passed through various hands and is on its way for release, and also Asus customer service agents are also referring their device as a Nexus device in advance of release of device.

Now come to release date of Nexus 7 new generation commonly known as Nexus 7 2 or Nexus HD. We have reports suggesting that Nexus 7 2 will possibly come alongside with Android 4.3, if this is true then we may see Nexus device in end of July, so far all signs are referring that something will take place soon.   
Recently we see that Asus k009 has just passed through RRA certification, affiliated with Korea’s version of FCC, and as I mentioned above device is on its way to shelves. This obviously is essential preceding to the device’s release.
Both Asus devices are expected to have a 7 inch display with quad core processor of snapdragon 600. The screen resolution of these devices will be 1,900 x 1.200. As far as camera is concerned it will have 2 5 MP cameras, both rear and front facing camera will be of 5 MP.  Operating system will be Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, not key lime pie but later will get update of Android 5.0.

Though there is no date of event lined up by Google for July, but still unclear whether they are going to make announcement in upcoming days. But so far from look of things, we can expect that Google is planning and making proper preparation of its Nexus 7 next model launch. We know that Google has track record of typical release dates of its devices, so far we can expect release date of Nexus 7 2 soon.
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