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HTC One mini Full Specs and Release confirmed for third quarter

If you well-liked the HTC One, but didn't purchase it because of its gigantic size, and though it as a big device, then HTC One mini may be just the perfect device for you. This device contains many of HTC One features into a smaller device, which is more pocket friendly then HTC One, and this model of HTC One preserves much of its ancestor's aluminum attractiveness.  

After so many rumors and leaks, we finally got the full specs of HTC One mini. This device will also have to face strong rivalry in the form of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, though it have slower processor the HTC One, but have potential to challenge the Samsung’s mini.
Let’s discuss about the full specifications of HTC One mini, I must say that though this device is smaller in size, but not smaller in specifications.

Design of HTC One mini

One of the most attractive point of HTC One was its finest build quality, and device was made from solid piece of aluminum, that didn't bend at all, even when you hold it tightly. Now HTC One mini is also depicting same kind of built in quality, because HTC made it from same unibody production.

But the major difference in design of HTC One mini is around its edges. In HTC one company used polished metal while in HTC One mini company used the less expensive poly-carbonate  which is used definitely to reduce price of device. Although the HTC One Mini has poly-carbonate at its edges but still is more solid then ordinarily metal.

Measurements and weight

 Even though HTC One mini is more compressed than HTC One but in weight HTC One mini is only 22 grams lighter than Flagship HTC One. HTC One mini weighs at 122 grams while HTC One is at 144 grams.
 Now come to measurements of this device, HTC One mini is 5.2 inches tall, 0.36 inches thick and 2.5 inches wide, though this overall measurement is quiet similar to HTC One which is 5.4 inches tall, although on paper it doesn't creates difference but actually frame of HTC One mini is thinner and tinier than original one. 

Screen Resolution and Speakers

As far as screen resolution of HTC One mini is concerned, it is offering lower screen resolution then the original one. HTC One mini has screen resolution of 720 Pixels while ppi is 341, on the other hand HTC One has screen resolution of 1080 Pixels Full HD with 468 ppi.
However, HTC fans will be Happy to know that HTC One mini will be featuring same Boom Sound quality of speakers that HTC One features. Each speaker of HTC One mini will be featuring its own amp.


Operating system

In spite of its small size HTC One mini still offers specification almost similar to HTC One.  HTC One mini has HTC’s Android 4.2, this version contains the HTC sense UI. This device will be offering same UI like the HTC One, same way of blink feed and also weather animation from HTC.


HTC One is powered by 1.4 GHz dual core processor i.e. snapdragon 400 and also Ram of this model is half from the original one and will have only 1 GB of Ram, although snapdragon 400 is not the best chip in market but as I mentioned above due to its low price tag company has to do some arrangements in-order to keep device as a low price tag device.

This overall decline in properties has lessened the ability of device and hence affect negatively on overall performance of device. 


The HTC One mini is offering same app of camera hence will give its users same experience of camera that HTC One possesses.

HTC already claimed that this device will also have same ultrapixel camera that will give same quality of photos that HTC One offers.  But here HTC One mini is missing optical image stabilization feature, and will effect photos that were taken in dim light.


Last Thursday HTC announced its HTC One mini with a release date in august and it was good news for most HTC fans who misses HTC One due to its larger display. Company revealed its specs and it seems that HTC is trying to regain its position from HTC One models, and is pretty much able to do so.  
Meanwhile it seems that device will be offering many of HTC One premium specs at low price tag. As I mentioned above that this device is answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 mini, and we can expect same way of rivalry among these devices. Samsung S 4 mini is also featuring most of flagship S4 features and seems that it will be a great challenge to HTC One mini.

Let’s take a look on a little comparison of both device in the table below    

HTC ONE  mini
Samsung Galaxy S4
Screen Size
5.2 inches
4.3 inches
Display Resolution
720 Pixels
960x540 pixels
Snapdragon 400
Snapdragon 400
Chip speed
1.7 GHz
1.5 GB
1 GB

HTC have to ensure to send device to multiple carriers, in-order to compete against Samsung. Only time will tell what will be outcome of this rivalry who wins, who loose.

At this time, we all are waiting for device to launch, which is expected to happen in August, though we don’t have any news regarding the price of this device, but confidently we don't have to wait too long for more details of HTC One mini.

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