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HTC One mini Rumored For August Release

 HTC unintentionally give out confirming release of HTC One mini few days ago.Though HTC One is still in shadows but latest give out from HTC confirmed release of HTC One mini. Soon after its release HTC deleted that post, although they didn't mention device as HTC One mini, but it’s almost clear that post was related to the release of HTC One mini.  HTC One will be commonly known as HTC M4.

For weeks, we have rumors regarding HTC releases, and all these are pointing that HTC is planning to release several devices, these devices including HTC One mini, and heavily rumored HTC One max.  HTC One max is expected to come in September after the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This device is expected to be a strong rival of Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
As expected HTC One mini is in rumors for last few weeks, and slowly-slowly depicting its design for world to see. However from recent leaks, HTC One mini looks like iPhone 5. it’s smaller than HTC far leaked rumors are as follows
Rumored Specs of HTC One mini
720 Pixels
Dual core
Ultra Pixel camera
Operating System
Android 4.2 and Sense
Although, HTC One mini so far rumored specs are not yet confirmed by HTC, but they confirmed the device a bit earlier.

As I mentioned above HTC doesn't mention HTC One Mini in its publication, but it’s clear they are referring towards HTC One mini. The published post also contains large infographic that details a powerful device that is packed in small packaging.   
According to recent report HTC One mini is expected to come in just few weeks, expected release is August. Reports depicting that HTC is preparing for a big launch, we shouldn't surprise to see a big launch from HTC. While company is ready to set predictable to tease consumers, but customers already know what is coming.    

Now as far as carriers are concerned, we have reports initially only T mobile is expected to be the only carrier of this device, but later on we can see other carriers taking interest to carry smaller device with its smaller price tag.
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