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HTC One Nexus / Google Edition Let’s Discuss Specialties and Scams

Android Smart phones users having proprietary User Interface, this User Interface is both been loved and hated by its users who interact with it.  When you ask people about what they think about proprietary User Interface, you will get mix sort of opinion, some say that Vanilla Android is best one because Google  envisioned its OS through it while some will like the other User Interface from Samsung that is known as TouchWiz User Interface and also from HTC known as HTC’s Sense.

However, since I am in this field I met with large number of people claiming that Samsung and HTC should produce and launch their devices without interfering with Google OS. Now few weeks ago both companies launched Google edition of their flagship devices. It’s kind of good news for those customers willing to buy Google edition of these devices.  
Now I will give you reasons that why or why not you should buy Nexus edition the HTC One.
Lack of features of original HTC One:

After the release of Google edition of HTC One we have discussed about the features that were removed by HTC in Nexus edition of HTC One, including IR Blaster, Zoe, Ultra pixel camera software and also Blink Feed. 

Extra features of Nexus edition HTC One:
Though this device is missing some important feature of original one, but that doesn’t mean if you took Google edition, you are on losing side, however Nexus edition is also providing some prominent feature for its users.  
Now I will discuss what these prominent features are, beginners will get Android 4.2.2 and also features of Google original OS including lock screen widget, Day dream, wireless display support and also Quick settings in notifications.

Though In my previous article I discussed that updates of these Nexus editions will not be handled by Google but by the particular companies. But it is expected that these devices will receive updates earlier than regular models.

If you still not decided which one to buy either Samsung one or HTC’s One, then I may not help you in this regard because both have different specs and is totally dependent on your taste.
Though if you decided to buy HTC One then you will get pure Android 4.2.2 and if it doesn't hit you can always go back to Sense 5.. Just keep in mind that, if your handset is not pure Google Play Edition, software updates will not be automatically delivered to your device, so and you have to do it all manually.

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