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HTC phablet HTC One Max Leaked Specs, Release Date..

Few days ago HTC launched its HTC One mini, and is now ready to hit shelves, and to join its elder brother HTC One, but this is not the end of 2013 launches from HTC and company isn’t ended yet. HTC launched mini version of its flagship HTC One commonly known as HTC One mini, and now for last few weeks rumors are floating that HTC decided to launch a bigger form of its HTC One, which will be named as HTC One Max and this devices is coming soon in few weeks.

Now for sure this device will be a challenge to all phablet devices, including Samsung Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z ultra. So far we can say that HTC One devices are on success track and people are showing their interest in the HTC One devices, we can expect that HTC One Max will also be on success track and will prove its pride and will surely dare the Samsung flagship Note 3Initially this device was rumored with a code name of T6, later on this device got name as HTC One Max.

Rumored specifications
Screen Size of HTC One Max:

For last few weeks rumors are continuously floating that HTC decided to launch HTC One with a screen size of 5.9 inches while the screen resolution of this device will be 1080 Pixels, this means this device will be a true HD device.

On the other hand this device comes with same resolution as Samsung Note 3 will come, and expected screen size of Note 3 is 5.7 inches, means there is minimal difference between these devices. In future we can expect a strong rivalry among them.


Now as far as processor of this device is concerned as expected, this device will be powered by snapdragon 800, and mostly all high end gadgets are featuring this processor. Now supposed Ram of this device is 2 GB while it will run at 2.3 GHz.


So far specs of HTC One Max are not shocking, same is the case with its design, and as expected this device will feature the same design as of HTC One, No doubt HTC One is one of the best looking Android device that is currently available in market.

In my view this is good choice from HTC and they should carry same design, because we already discussed that HTC One design is one of the best design of Android devices and customers like the design of HTC One, and they will probably like the HTC One Max as well. This design will be disappointment for those who are looking for a new design in HTC One Max.
Now if HTC One Max have same design, we can expect a device with Stereo Speakers on front side, while on top back side, a rear camera will be fixed.

Operating System:

Many reports and rumors are suggesting that HTC One Max will come with Android Key lime pie pre-installed, while some reports are also depicting that at start this device, might come with Android 4.3 and after few weeks will receive Android 5.0 as an update.


We can expect the same HTC One camera in HTC One Max while there is possibility that it might be joined by a 2.1 Mega Pixel front camera. But for sure HTC will use same Ultra Pixel 4 MP camera that they used in HTC One, because we already seen that HTC used same camera in HTC One mini as well.

Release Date:

HTC just launched its HTC One Mini, so there is no possibility that company is planning to reveal device in coming days. Now the latest news regarding the release date is IFA 2013, as HTC One Max will go head to head against Samsung Galaxy Note 3, so company might release at IFA in order to steal some bright from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Let me know in comment section what do you think about HTC One Max and when you are expecting this device from HTC?
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