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IPhone 5S Release Date:Count Down Begins

According to latest rumors the official release event of iPhone 5S could take place on September 20th. I am not claiming this release date but this launch date is based on convinced release date reports. 

Few days ago Apple announced the beta iOS 7 and now countdown for iOS 7 release date started and possibly iPhone 5s will be released after 2 days of iOS 7 official release. Now question must arise in your mind that how long Apple will be able to keep its iOS 7 in beta.
According to International business times Dave smith Apple will release its iOS 7 exactly after 100 days because he pointed that Apple release its iOS 6 exactly after 100 days of its beta period.

He further writes that we don’t think that Tim Cook might want’s to mess with the successful formula of Apple that was left behind by the Apple’s founder Steve jobs. He believes that Apple will launch its iOS 7 on 18th September and iPhone 5S after 2 days of release of iOS 7.       
But we should keep in mind that Steve Jobs was not a part of iOS 6 release and we cannot say this 100 days release is his formula while the above mentioned formula also ignores the all rest of successful formulas of Steve jobs.
The picture below depicts the iOS release history from Will Hains. We can clearly see that Apple doesn't release its iOS always after 100 days.

The longest time that iOS beta took was given to iOS 5 i.e. more than 120 days but was no doubt largest change in iPhone OS software in recent time. This iOS was arrived with iPhone 4S and if you calculate the average release date of beta iOS, it will be around 97.8 days. Exact dates of iOS release is given in the table below. 
       iOS Versions
        Before  Release in Beta
·                     iOS 2
·                     94 Days
·                     iOS 3
·                     92 Days
·                     iOS 4
·                     74 Days
·                     iOS 5
·                     128 Days
·                     iOS 6
·                     100 Days

We can calculate the new release date of iOS by keeping in view track records of beta periods and is easy to use these details as iPhone 5S release date.
IPhone 5S Release Date
Now as far as release date of iPhone 5s is concerned, almost 80 % reports are pointing towards the iPhone 5s launch in September, so we can also expect same release month of iPhone 5s.
If special event of iPhone 5S release took place in early September i.e. in first half of month then we can expect iPhone 5s in September other-wise release will be pushed back until first week of October.  

If we look at the previous record then we can expect iPhone 5S release date in October because Apple released its iPhone 4S in October while the iPhone 5 launching take place in September. But yet there is no confirmation of release date of iPhone 5S. Now if above mentioned news is right and Apple launched its phone on September 20th it is possible because iOS 7 is ready for release.  

Now tell me in comments you have any idea about the release date of iOS 7? and also iPhone 5S?
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