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Nexus 5 Launch Rumored with Android 5.0

We know that release of Nexus 5 is still months away, but as always we have tons of rumors for this Nexus device and latest of all is maker of Nexus 4 LG is building its LG Optimus G2 with Nexus 5, and is expected that LG introduce its own device with Google’s Nexus device. If this is true then we can expect Nexus 5 with Android 5.0 and release date sometime in October.  

Last year LG and Google introduced Nexus 4 in November, and this device has many parts on the LG Flagship device LG Optimus G, this device made its way to Sprint and AT&T only. This device no doubt remains as one of the best device of 2012 but there are no of replacement of this device soon. On the other hand we have rumors of release of next Nexus device alongside with Google’s new OS.
Earlier this year we have rumors that LG is the manufacturer of next Nexus device of 2013 and will be commonly known as Nexus 5. But we are not sure about this release and also LG hasn't confirmed this device that either they are making this device with Google or not.
But recently a report from Korean publications claims that though LG is making its device LG Optimus G2 but also are building Nexus 5 and according to them this device will be launched in August.

Apparently, from many sources it seems that Google might release Nexus 5 in sometime in October, but keep in mind last year Google announced Nexus 4 in same month. Though rumors are present that device might come with Android 5.0 but many gadget experts claims that firstly device will be headed by Android 4.3 and later will receive update of Android 5.0. Android key lime pie is expected to come at Google I/O 2013.
Also, we heard that Nexus device will have same specifications as the LG Optimus G2, this means we can expect Nexus 5 with Quad core processor of Snapdragon that will be Snapdragon 800. As far as camera is concerned we can expect a 13 MP camera. Display of this device will be around 5.5. We may not overlook the fact that Google and LG might squeeze the specs and design of these devices up to some extent.
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