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Nexus 7 (2) – Full Specs Revealed?

Google I/O of this year passed few weeks ago and still there are nowhere sign of Nexus 7 (2), though Nexus 7 (2) is in rumors for few weeks but is yet to be officially disclosed. Although the device is not officially revealed but we have tons of rumors regarding the specs and release date of device, we can supposed many things about the slate.
We have assumed full list of specifications of Nexus 7 (2) and will discuss after the break.

Now I will discuss about the details of specification of Nexus 7 (2).However, according to these rumored details this device will consist of a 7 inch LED display, with a screen resolution of 1980 x 1200. Nexus next generation will come with 32 GB of internal storage and a snapdragon 600 quad core processor with 2 GB of ram. As far as camera is concerned this gadget will come with a 5 MP camera and secondary camera sensor of 1.2 MP will also be included. This device will also include a 4,000 mAh battery.  The device will also have a GSM support with LTE support and will include a 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity. Nexus 7 (2) will include android 4.3 on board.

Also, the demonstrative revealed the first pic of the tablet and also claimed that device will hit shelves in second quarter of this year and July is first month of second quarter, we can expect device to come in last of July, also said that these details are not meant to go public but he made it public because customers are so eager to know about details of this device, so due to this he made it public.
Now a question must arise in your mind that whether the above mentioned details of the demonstrative is true or not? But let me clear this shows that Nexus 7 next generation is about to come, we can expect the Nexus 7 (2) very soon.

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