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Nexus 7 2 removed Nexus 7 from Google play store

 Google yesterday revealed its Nexus 7 2 and after that people looking for Nexus 7 feels displeasure because Nexus 7 is no longer available at Google play store. Google after announcing Nexus 7 2 stop selling the older Nexus 7 which was on sale since July of preceding year.
Last year’s, Nexus 7 was one of largest selling brand of Google and was a great hit from Google and Asus, this device breaks many records of selling and became an achievement, because of its high end features, low price tag and also Vanilla Android as its OS.     

Google replaced its page of Nexus 7 with the new Nexus 7 which will be on shelves from 30th of this month. Like previous models this device will be vended through Google play store. It seems that Google remove its Nexus 7 from play store, in-order to push the new Nexus 7 for upright.
Although on Google’s website, Nexus 7 is visible but you will notice that there is no option for purchase of older version, some people were hoping that after new Nexus 7 Google might put its older version on sale but up till now it’s appears not happening. While there is no confirmation that whether Google will put Nexus 7 back to its shelves or not.   
Now it’s time for those who are looking to buy the older Nexus 7 should buy it from local retailers before stock of Nexus 7 ends, and once stocks dry out then Nexus 7 will get retained down. Even now, many online sellers halts selling Nexus 7.   

New Nexus 7 will be more appealing than the previous one because this model comes with astonishing design, a faster processor and also design of new Nexus 7 is slimmer than its predecessor. As I mentioned in my previous articles that this device will have a rear camera and also the facility of LTE data.   
As rumors are swirling before its release that device will come with a higher price tag and it seems true because new Nexus 7 is a bit more expensive then Nexus 7. New Nexus 7 starts from $230, on the other hand its predecessor starts from $200 price tag. This price is of 16 variant while 32 GB is available at a price tag of $270. LTE model is not exposed yet but will come in coming weeks with a price tag of $350.  

Let me know in comments section would you like to buy new Nexus 7 with this price tag and such amazing features?
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