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Nexus 7 2: What We Know So Far

For last few weeks Nexus 7 2 is heavily rumored and news are coming that Google is planning to launch next model of Nexus 7 ,this device will be commonly known as Nexus 7 2 or Nexus 7 HD.  In last few weeks Nexus 7 2 rumors are wide spread because this device is successor of Google Flagship  7 inch tab, and customers of Nexus 7 2 are waiting desperately for the release of this  device, they wanted to see this section of rumors all composed.   
Last year, Google introduces its first flagship 7 inch tablet, after years of Nexus-branded smartphones, this device was developed with the cooperation of Asus, a well-known manufacture of Android slates. In my previous article I already discussed that this was first 7 inch tab of last year, and after that Amazon introduce its Kindle Fire HD and after that Apple launched its iPad mini, all mention devices were no doubt bright spots of last year and all are composed of fantastic hardware and software specs.

 But in all above mention devices only Nexus 7 come with price tag of 199$. The key features of last year Nexus tab was 7 inch IPS display and most importantly a quad core processor. This tab was perfect for gaming because of its processor. The price tag helps device to become the best seller of the year. But now it seems that interest of people may be over soon and now people are waiting for next generation of this device.    
As I mentioned above for last weeks, we heard much about a new Nexus 7 inch gadget, commonly known as Nexus 7 2, and most likely this device will take place of Nexus 7, same as iPad mini 2 will take place of iPad mini, kindle fire HD will also take place of its predecessor. These rumors are expected to come to end at Google I/O 2013, but rumors did not accomplish, now device is expected to launch in few weeks.

At first stream of rumors was a bit low, but now it has turned into flood of rumors, it’s hard to believe which one is right and which one is not , and customers are in a kind of not sure situation. By keeping this situation in mind, I decided to cover all the aspects of Nexus 7 2 rumors that customers need to know about heavily rumored Nexus 7 HD. Let’s take a look on these points.

Strangely enough, so far we haven’t seen it-self leaked photo of Nexus 7 2. As an alternative, we have leaked image from FCC, and from that it seems that leaked photo of device resembles the design which is closer to original Nexus 7.  
This leaked image is of front side not of back panel, so from leaked photo we can conclude a device with older design and a front facing camera is in middle, but overall design of device is still remains a mystery.

if  we consider the past record , we can say that Google always improve design of its Nexus devices, hence we can expect some tweaks in Nexus 7 2  design. Google might change its material or slimmer design in-order to attract customers, so buyers shouldn't expect same design from Google.
Usually Nexus devices leaked out before their launch, and while device is probable to come in late July or early August, we can expect finally leaked photo of device in few days.
If you compare Nexus 7 display with other cheap price tag tabs you will definitely say that this device stand up with stunning display. Nexus 7 comes with IPS display and a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 Pixels with 216 pixels per inch. This quality was perfect for playing games and watching videos at that time.

Now new Nexus 7 2 is expected to come with 1920 x 1200 resolution, this means Nexus 7 2 can handle 1080P content, if this is true then its ppi definitely will be over 300.Most likely Nexus 7 2 will give users a much better display then it does on Nexus 7.
Customers should keep in mind that so far price tag of Nexus 7 2 is still a question mark because several rumors are suggesting that Nexus 7 2 may not start with same price tag of 199$ while others are suggesting that it might starts with a higher price tag of 250 to 300$.

100$ increase seems not possible because of the fact if Google increase price tag up-to 300$, then it will put device in same group as the iPad mini is available at price of 330$. While 50$ increment seems possible because Google just release only 1 tab, so it’s hard to say anything about price tag.  
Rear Camera

Nexus 7 didn't own rear camera, but has 1.2 MP front end camera for video calling, though it fulfills job but was not amazing, it's kind of disappointment for many Nexus fans, but this time looks like that Google and Asus are planning to include  both rear and front end camera in Nexus 7 2.

So far rumored specs of camera of Nexus 7 2 are 1.9 MP front facing camera and a 5 MP rear camera, which likely will be added to Nexus 7 2, these rumored specs are shown up in the FCC splinter.
We should keep in mind that tabs don’t have amazing camera like mobile phones, but now it seems that companies are including camera’s in-order to make those customers happy, who are using their tabs as camera.  
Now as far as processor is concerned we know that K009 is coming and it will be featuring quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, this processor is one of the current best processor of company and also in Samsung Galaxy S4.

This processor is upgrade version over Tegra 3 chip that was used in Nexus 7, and this chip will perform much better than previous version. Though Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 is also available but due to low price tag of Nexus tabs, it seems that Google decided to go with Snapdragon 600. 
It’s sure that Google is planning to release a new version of Android in coming days, it might not be Android 5.0 but in form of Android 4.3 jelly bean. While release date is still in dark, but a reliable source confirmed that update will arrive in some-time in July, so it’s confirmed that Nexus 7 2 will be featuring Android 4.3 as its OS.    

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Google often releases its hardware devices with some new software and regardless of fact, Android 4.3 is small update but it make sense that Nexus 7 2 will have this update as its OS. Android 4.3 will bring some prominent features including LE, font changes and also some tweaks in its camera application.
Release Date
So far we are in dark regarding the release date of Nexus 7 2, because Google haven’t officially declared this device, and this device yet to be official, but we are sure that Nexus 7 2 will come in few up-coming weeks.
Most authentic evidence of this device release is Asus K009 release, a device agents apparently confirmed the release of Nexus 7 2. This device recently passed through FCC and also recently received certifications in Korea by KCC i.e. Korean version of FCC.

This certification is first step towards release of this device, because this certification was held a number of weeks ago. Recent reports and rumors are also claiming that we are getting closer to release of Nexus device, and so far rumors suggests that we should expect Nexus7 2 in late July or early August.

That’s all from now, we may expect Nexus 7 2 in few upcoming weeks, because rumors are pointing towards late July and most probably it might release in last week of July. 
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