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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Expected in September At IFA

From last few weeks Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is in rumors, certain reports are claiming that device release date is closing in and rumors suggesting that Samsung Note 3, international version will be called as SM-N900. I believed that official release date of this variant has moved closer because this variant is spotted through an authorization in Indonesia, a significant signal depicting official release is coming closer.  

Despite the fact we are pretty much sure that Note 3 will be released ahead of IFA, and there is no chance of release until early September, of this year. Though device specs are already leaked and rumors are floating regarding specs of this Note 3. According to latest rumors device is expected to come with 5.7 inch display of 1080 Pixels, As far as processor is concerned device will be powered by Quad-core processor, of Exynos 5 or more likely it will be Qualcomm 800.  A 13 MP camera is also expected and design will be mostly inspired from Samsung Galaxy S4.
Although features of Note 3 are kind of puzzle but release puzzle of this device is been solved. Many rumors and reports pointing Note 3 release at IFA 2013, which starts from September 6th, while release date is still not confirmed, but it’s sure we are indeed getting closer to release of Note 3.

As I mentioned above about the first international variant of Note 3 is passed through certification in Indonesia, this is undoubtedly first certification for Note 3, probably not the last one. We all know that all high-end device have to pass through several hundred certifications before its release, and it’s just one of the hundreds that device has to pass before its launch.    
Now a new rumor hits floor, according to this Samsung might be planning to launch different variant of its Note 3 including premium models and also cheap models, though this news is yet to be confirmed. Rumored details of different variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is given below in table.
Possible Carriers
Sprint Galaxy Note 3
AT&T Galaxy Note 3
Verizon Galaxy Note 3
International version built on Snapdragon (800)
T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3
International version based on Samsung Exynos 5

Though several variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are still not confirmed including variant of Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T mobile, these variants will be confirmed in up-coming days, when these carriers offering the next generation of Note series.

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