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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs, release date rumors

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 continue floating out, and number of enticing specifications teasing Note 3 forthcoming buyers. Although many rumors are floating and customers know much about Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but still many details about Note 3 is still in dark and yet to be revealed.
Two launch dates are revolving about Samsung Galaxy Note 3, first is September 4th and second is September 6th at IFA 2013. Both release date are possible but chances of September 6th is more possible because Samsung usually uses IFA as launching pad for its Note devices.

Rumors of Note 3 emerging for many weeks, and customers of Note 3 are getting fractional preview at what they should expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  Alleged specs of Note 3 are given in the table below.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Screen size
5.7 inches
Screen Display
1080 Pixels
Screen resolution
 1080 x 1920 
Operating System
Android 4.3
13 MP camera with Optical Zoom
Exynos 5 Octa chip
3 GB
 4,000 mAh

Although many specs of Note 3 revealed but it’s possible there are many more yet to be exposed. For many days a rumor is claiming that Samsung is testing 3 sizes of Note 3. These sizes are 5.5 inch model, 5.7 inch and 6 inch model, so far Samsung has not taken the final decision on Note 3, and is expected that company will launch only one device rather than releasing all of them in market place. Unluckily this rumor is not confirmed yet and there is minor possibility of this case, because Gadget is still off the record.    

There is a chance that Samsung might launch different variant for different carriers, complete list is in the link below
Usually, before launch of devices, specs of devices leaks and customers have a fairly glimpse about their favorite devices, but here whole case is different and after every leaked rumor situation becomes worse, and every leaked about Note 3 has only left question before its launch. 

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