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Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One Nexus / Google Editions – How Much “Nexus” Is There?

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are two most successful high end devices of this year. Due to success of the above mentioned flagship devices probably headed towards the Google edition of both devices. I already discussed about details of both devices Nexus edition in my previous articles few weeks ago.   

In concept, it sounds very interesting Google edition of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s kind of sweet deal for both Samsung and HTC fans. Though TouchWiz option and sense 5 UI has been removed in this procedure. I told you that these devices will provide Nexus like experience to its users, this concept leads to believe that Google will handle all its software updates and other stuff like that, and these devices will get latest updates rolled-out as soon as they are out. But that might not be the case. More details after the break.
HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus / Google Edition: Not What We Expected

Both S4 AND HTC One Nexus edition are now available for buying in the United States, will be available via the Google play store and shipping date is 9th July. If you interested to buy one of these devices, and yet not buy it then you might be interested to read this article before purchasing.
As far as software updates are concerned these devices are not going to receive Google updates fully supported by Google. Not like what we are guessing before release, the updates of these devices will be fully controlled by their actual manufacturers (Samsung and HTC) and in future updates will be handled by these companies itself not by Google.   

Though in future Google will help Samsung and HTC in future updates but there is no effective just how earlier the future shapes will come on Google edition, in order to compete with pure Nexus devices.  It seems that these devices will not sell in large numbers and it’s difficult to determine how much these companies will be dedicated to keep their devices updated. Keep in mind that these devices will only be available in states. 

Something that is important to know is that these devices are not 100% Nexus devices and we can only hope that these devices will be treated as priority devices. 

Tell me in your comments what do you think about these devices? Anyone interested to buy Nexus edition of the above mentioned devices.
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