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What We know so far about iPad mini 2 vs. Kindle Fire HD 2 vs Nexus 7 2

Last year was year of 7 inch tablets and Apple, Google and Amazon, all three companies launched their flagship 7 inch tabs. Apple releases its iPad mini, while Google releases Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD was launched by Amazon. These devices are strong competitor of each other and battle remain warm among these devices in 2012.
Now in 2013, seems like this battle will continue and these companies are planning to release Sequels of their flagship devices. Apple device will be named as iPad mini 2, Google device as Nexus 7 2 or Nexus HD while Kindle device as Kindle Fire HD 2.

Last year in July, Google launched its Nexus brand 7 inch tab, this gadget was built by cooperation of Asus and was sold on Google play store. Nexus 7 was packed as high end device with cheap price tag starting from 199$ for 16 GB variant. This device sold instantly and device become a great success of last year.    

Later after its release, Nexus 7 have to face solid competition, in the form of Apple flagship iPad mini. This devices was packed with 7.9 inch display and was the first smaller type of iPad.  Amazon’s devices was also a great hit because of its high end specs and high resolution.  Like Nexus 7, both iPad mini and Kindle Fire HD saw great success and these devices join list of premier tabs along with Nexus 7.

Obviously it seems that Google and other two companies are also planning to release successor of their 7 inch flagship devices, rumors also confirming these releases by the end of this year. Apple is working on its iPad mini 2, while Amazon and Google is also working on their devices individually.

Customers of the 7 inch tablets are waiting for release of their favorite tablets, and now before release of these devices, it’s time to discuss some important points that in my point of view are important to know for customers of these devices.  

Which device will be released first?
Though rumors are circling about release of all three devices, but it’s sure that like last year Google is going to launch its devices first. Rumors suggests release date of Nexus 7 2 some-time in July or in early August, Nexus 7 2 is expected to come with Android 4.3 on board so due to this release of Nexus 7 2 is hung with release of Android 4.3. Release of Android 4.3 is approaching, so we are getting closer to launch of Nexus tab.

Now as far as Apple iPad mini 2 release is concerned it seems that Apple is not in hurry to release its tab, because Apple last year releases its Wi-Fi model on November 2nd and it seems that Apple will not replace it until November. To some extent that shouldn't be shocking to anybody.  
Now a report from BGR also says that Amazon is planning for Kindle Fire HD, but unluckily he didn't mention any information about its release date, he only mention that Kindle Fire HD 2 will arrive some time later this year but will not arrive until September. 
So from bang up-to-date it seems that companies will follow the same track like last year, means Google will be the first one to release it tab, then Kindle Fire HD 2 will be second and at the end Apple will release its iPad mini 2 .
Hardware will be improved
As I mentioned above that these upcoming devices are successor of last year high end tablets. It’s for sure that sequels always characteristically upgrades regarding hardware. This upgrade may include display, camera or processor upgrades and list goes on. Customers should keep in mind that they will get upgraded version of their favorite tabs.

 Now come to screen resolution, if Apple upgrade its iPad mini display then probably will enhance Retina display to iPad mini 2, if this happen this will be the massive upgrade over the current model display. First take a look over the current display of Nexus 7, Nexus 7 is currently offering 1920 x 1200 resolution display, in case of update it will be upgraded up to 1280 × 800 resolution display. So far rumored display of Kindle Fire HD 2 is 1,900 x 1,200 resolution. This upgrade will be a big upgrade over the original model display.
We can also expect some major changes in processor of these devices.  Nexus 7 2 is supposed to have a snapdragon 600 processor, while processor update on other devices will be on same level with that. Customers of these devices will be happy to know that certain reports are pointing that these devices will include 4G LTE network, Nexus 7 was based on 3 G network.
This upgrade of hardware will be good news for those users, who uses their tabs for playing games and other stuff like that.
Screen Sizes remain unchanged
From so far progress it seems that these device will likely won’t change screen size of their ancestors. Major reason behind this is that these devices were major success of last year, and companies will undoubtedly wanted to retain victory track. 

In this regard iPad mini 2 will likely boosting the larger display, and will be more attractive for tab users who use tab for gaming and reading  purpose.
Though there are not much rumors regarding price of these devices, but in my view price of these devices will not vary much from the original models.
These all devices will be in range between 199$ and 330$. Apple iPad mini 2 was launched at a price of 349$ while other two devices starts at 199$. But so far we have some rumors regarding jump in price of Nexus 7 2.

Typically Apple didn't change its price for years, so we can expect same price of Apple iPad mini 2, regardless of update from current model.
Software Update
It’s kind of surety that these devices will be featuring new operating software. As far as iPad mini 2 is concerned, it definitely will be featuring iOS 7, new iOS update from Apple. But iPad mini customers will not get this update because of iPad mini 2 factor.
Nexus 7 2 will be featuring Android 4.3 and wit will be pure look from Google because there will be no interference from manufacturer at all.  This tab will be featuring pure version of Android 4.3.

Though the Kindle Fire HD 2 will also come with Android 4.3 but will come with customization look from Amazon. In past Amazon has wrapped a skin over original Android and it doesn't resembles the original look at all, and due to this tabs of Amazon don’t get major updates from Android.

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