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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, specs and design rumors

Samsung announced release date of Note 3 few days ago and now customers are keen to know about the key features of  upcoming Note device. Samsung will release Note 3 on 4th September in Berlin Germany ahead of IFA 2013. 
Rumors of Galaxy Note 3 are spinning for last fewweeks and now customers have a slight glimpse what they can expect from upcoming Note device, when it will hit shelves in later part of this year. Although specs of Note 3 are not confirmed yet but still we manage to have a few specs that according to certain reports are confirmed and customers can believe on these features.

A recent report by SamMobile suggests many features of Note 3 and they claims  that they have a drop on latest flagship Note 3 device. They discussed many features but I will try to cover only those features that in my point of view are key features and customers will surely get these features in Note 3. Let’s start from design…


In starting we have rumors that Samsung is currently working on design of Note 3 and they might change its design vastly, but now according to recent reports it seems Note 3 might share design actually from Note 2.  

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was 9.33mm thin while it weighs about 180 gram, and if Note 3 will have same design then we can expect same larger display, but this model is expected will be thinner than Note 2. In this case Samsung Note 3 will keep same back iconic plastic design, and this cover will be removable.  


In addition, Note 3 is expected to have a 4G LTE network while it will feature a giant battery of 3200 mAh, as far as ram is concerned device is expected to come with 3 GB of ram. Note 3 will have android 4.3 as its OS.

As I mentioned above these rumors are although not officially confirmed, but it looks that these specs will be the makeup of upcoming NOTE 3, no doubt Note 3 is second big smartphone from Samsung of this year.   

AMOLED Display:

Rumors are suggesting that Note 3 will come with a screen size of 5.7 inches, though initially rumors are swirling Samsung is planning for more than one Display size, but now its virtually confirmed that Samsung Note 3 will come with 5.7 inch display and will have 1080 pixels screen resolution.

13 MP Camera:

Note 3 is expected to come with 13 MP camera. Now a question arise what will be the difference among S4 and Note 3 camera? The answer lies in a fact that Samsung is expected to use a camera sensor that will be on par with Note 3.
Now a recent report claims that Note 3 will certainly have optical steadiness that will confirm the smooth looking of videos and photos without any dimness.


Like all other Samsung models Note 3 is also expected will be announce in 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB variants. In past 16 GB variant is usually used as an adopted variant but now it seems that this trend will be changed through Note 3. Users of Note 2 have problems with the storage capacity because in Note 2 large amount of memory was eaten by Samsung TouchWiz UI but after adopting 32 GB variant this problem will be solved.

Now in this case 16 GB variant might be dropped down in favor of 32 GB variant and users can enjoy large amount of memory for apps and videos. 
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