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Google Nexus 5: Top 8 Facts What You Need To Know

Last week, Google revealed its new Nexus 7 inch tab commonly known as Nexus 7. Although Google hanged this tablet with 30th July but for last few days, tab is widely available through various retailers in United States. Although people were expecting that Google will also reveal a new Nexus smartphone that will be successor of Nexus 4, though they didn't reveal it but Nexus 7 release is kind of first hurdle pass in the Nexus 5 release.
So far Nexus 7 is the first hardware device from Google of this year, but probably not the last one because latest reports are suggesting that Google will reveal some more devices for this year including Nexus 5.  
Last year, in November Google released Nexus 4 as a successor of Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This device was a perfect combination of high end hardware and also new Android version i.e.  Android 4.3. Google made this device along with LG and due to its low price tag and high end specs, this device remained as one of the top smart phone of market. But know seems that this device is getting older, and its design needs to be changed and most feasibly it will be replaced in up coming weeks with Nexus 5. 

Now all Nexus smartphone fans are looking forward for the next generation of their favorite Nexus 4, although Nexus 5 launch is in months in the future, but I gathered some details about specs of Nexus 5, let’s take a look on these 8 points that in my view are important for Nexus 5 customers to know about Nexus 5.

8 things to know about Nexus 5  

Design Twists:

Like all smart phones company Google didn't kept same design for more than a year, and with each new generation design of Nexus devices improved, customers can expect same for Nexus 5.

Galaxy Nexus comes with plastic back body while in Nexus 4 Google change this design with glass backing and it was good improvement over the last Nexus model. We can expect that Google might uses plastic for back body in order to keep device cheap, but company will improve the design of Nexus 5 design either it will be LG or some one other. The main reason of not to expect glass back is its durability.

Android 5.0 as its OS:

We have certain reports that Google will launch its Android 5.0 in October, and we know that with every software update Google launches new hardware device. This time it’s expected that Google will launch Android 5.0 Key lime Pie along with Nexus 5.
For past few years, every Nexus device led in new versions of Android OS. Android 4.0 was launched with Galaxy Nexus, 4.1 was released with Nexus 7 while Nexus 4 came with pre-loaded with Android 4.2. This year’s Nexus 7 device launched with Android 4.3 and now seems that Google will launch Android 5.0 with Nexus 5

Memory Options:

Nexus devices usually doesn't come with micro SD card option, same is the case is expected in Nexus 5. Last year Nexus devices didn't arrive with micro SD card option, and also in this year Nexus 7 model Google didn't offer any SD option, so due to this customers of Nexus 5 shouldn't expect device with micro SD card option. 
Google Nexus 4 comes with only two memory variants i.e. 8 GB and 16 GB model, both variants sold out like hot cake and it seems Google is not gone a change this trend and this trend will also be run-through in Nexus 5.  


Last year, both Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 were launched on only few carriers and these carriers are AT&T and T mobile, while Carriers like Sprint and Verizon were not in this list. The reason behind this break up was obviously poor performance of Verizon with Galaxy Nexus device, but now seems that Google wanted to launch devices with Verizon and latest example of this join up is new Nexus 7 device, Google made this device to run on all earlier carriers and also on Verizon.  
Those who were looking to run their Nexus 5 device on Verizon network can expect because it seems that Google will allow Nexus 5 to run on Verizon network. Though its not clear yet but we can expect this change of carriers.

LTE Network:

As far as LTE network is concerned, last year both Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 was missing this feature and probably was one of biggest drawback of these devices, but in this year Nexus 7 device Google announced its devices with 4G LTE network rather than 3G network that was used in its predecessors.

Low Price:

Main reason behind the success of every Nexus device is its low price tag and Google increases only $30 in new Nexus 7, despite of the fact Google offers so many specs that this increment seems to be good, and buyers will accept this increment with affection because of the all high end specs of new Nexus 7. 
Though we can expect a little increase in price of Nexus 5, but this price wouldn't be load on Nexus buyers. As I mentioned above that main reason of Nexus device hit is low price tag and high end specs, and in case of Nexus 5 Google will apply same policy and will keep Nexus 5 device as low as possible in order to compete with giant names in smart phone market. 
Google Nexus 5 will have to face strong rivalry in the face of HTC T6, Samsung Note 3 and Apple iPhone 5S. Only thing that will allow Nexus device to survive in this competition will be its low price tag and great hardware specs. Let’s see what Google decides price tag for Nexus 5.


In last years, Google uses many companies to build its Nexus devices including Samsung, HTC, LG and Asus. First Nexus device was made by HTC, while second and third was made by Samsung and last year Nexus device was manufactured by LG and was a great Hit. 
Now so far rumors are suggesting that Google usually doesn't scared of run through with same builder for 2 years in a row, because first two Nexus 7 devices were made by Asus, but this years Nexus 7 was made by LG, so we can’t claim that Google stick to only one manufacturer. 
Certain reports and rumors are pointing that Google might go again with same manufacturer i.e. LG, because last year Nexus device was centered on the LG Optimus G, and this year device is probable to aligned with LG G2, expected will be revealed in August.     

Hardware improvement:

It’s for sure that Google will add some extra ordinary features to make its device standout in the far rumored specs of Nexus 5 are 1080 Pixel display, a snapdragon quad core processor, an improved camera and last one is wireless charging facility. 

Although these specs are not be next generation specs, but naturally are current generation. All these specs are currently specs of all top line devices, and shouldn't expect something extra ordinary from Nexus 5.
That’s all for today now let me know in comments section what do you think about Nexus 5 and in your view what should be promising price of Nexus 5.  
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