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HTC Bashes Samsung Galaxy Note 3 opening with a teaser video

 Samsung yesterday confirmed the release date of its flagship Galaxy Note 3 and Korean company has finally confirmed September 4th as a launch date of its flagship Note device. On the other hand HTC posted a teaser video on twitter few hours ago and definitely HTC posted the teaser video of its upcoming HTC One Max, a device which is expected to come to take on Note 3. its almost clear that the posting situation of this video depicts HTC attention to snatch the attention from launch announcement of Note 3.

Rumors of Note 3 release is swirling for few weeks and finally rumors come to end and confirm release date is announced, though company only announce that they will launch device, but name of device is still under cover, but for sure this device will be Galaxy Note 3. So far rumored specs of Note 3 are it will come with a quad core processor and Full HD display of 5.7 inches while it will have same camera sensor like S4. Rumored carriers of Note 3 are Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T mobile.
Undoubtedly release date announcement of Note 3 is a big day for all Note customers, but the way HTC reacted is some-thing odd and in order to divert attention they made a teaser on their own, and in teaser they clearly send message that Big things are ahead, and is almost sure that this big thing probably will be HTC One Max.  
Before launch of Note 3 and HTC One Max gadget experts are claiming that these devices will be strong rivals of each other and teaser from HTC proved this rivalry. HTC is scheduling to outbreak the Note 3 with bigger model of its flagship HTC One and desired to contest Samsung in phablet market.
This teaser was leaded by Robert Downey JR, who was allegedly appointed by HTC to endorse its brands, though device is not shown clearly but was a glimpse of HTC smartphone, as I mentioned above its yet to be make known whether teaser product is HTC One Max or something new completely.

But for sure HTC released this teaser in order to get attentions away from Note 3 launch, which is reportedly set for September 4th launch. However after this teaser launch date of HTC One Max is still unidentified, so far rumored release date of HTC One Max is on 6th of September.
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