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HTC One Max OS Rumors

In starting Rumors were swirling that HTC will power its HTC One Max with Android 5.0 Key lime pie, but Android 5.0 is coming out in October or November, so far release of this update is still in rumors and expected to launch with Nexus 5. Now according to recent report we have a news that HTC insider claim that HTC One Max is not coming with android 5.0 but will be powered by android 4.3 i.e. Jelly Bean.
Few weeks ago HTC One Max was leaked out and since then this device is in rumors regarding of its specs and vice versa. First spec sheet was emerged through reliable @evleaks and according to them device will come with a screen resolution of 5.9 inches with a full HD 1080 Pixels display, as far as processor is concerned device will have a snapdragon 800 chip that is currently the fastest chip from Qualcomm. Device will have 16 GB external memory while battery of device will be of giant size as of Note series. 

According to this spec sheet we have Android 5.0 key lime pie as an OS of device but now according to latest leaks device will not have android 5.0 but will have current version of android as its OS. Soon after leaked out device is expected to come with same version of Android as of HTC one i.e. Android 4.2, but now we have confirm news that HTC will include latest version of Android.
Another reason of not Android 5.0 is so far we don’t have confirm news when Google will launch Android 5.0, so far according to sources this update will come in later part of this year. While on other hand HTC One Max is expected in few weeks and so far Android 4.3 is most likely will be OS of this device.

Android 4.3 is launched in late July and will be rolled out for other device in coming weeks, but currently all Nexus device owners are enjoying this update. Android 5.0 will be major renovation in current version of Android.
After the HTC video, it’s obvious that Samsung Note 3 will be facing a strong rival in the form of HTC One Max. Both device are expected to launch in September, so far only Note 3 launch date is officially disclosed i.e. 4th  September, while on other hand HTC One Max is expected to debut at IFA or in late September. 

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