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HTC One Max Possible Carriers AT&T And Verizon

Although HTC One Max is still off-the-record, but device is in rumors for few weeks and now new reports are coming regarding the release of HTC One Max. This device is internally known as HTC T6 and in beginning rumors are floating with this name, now a recent report hits the panel suggesting that HTC is planning to release its HTC One Max on several carriers.
This first name revealed in this contest is of AT&T, this carrier is the second largest 4G LTE carrier of United States. Just a reminder this device is actually the larger version of HTC One. For Samsung Galaxy S4 company launched HTC One and same for S4 mini company launched HTC One mini Taiwanese company is planning to launch this device in order to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

So far rumored specs of HTC One Max are it will come with a screen size of 5.9 inches, a gigantic battery, a quad core snapdragon 800 processor, as far as design in concerned as I mentioned above it will come with same design as of HTC One, one new rumor spec of HTC One Max is stylus, this will be same like Samsung Galaxy Note series S pen.  
Now as far as release in concerned Rumors are suggesting that HTC might launch HTC One Max in September, just a reminder same month in which Samsung Note 3 is expected.  
So far we have only two names of carriers of HTC One Max and news is that device will arrive on two biggest carriers of United States.Earlier, we have news that Verizon is now launching HTC One they announced earlier but yet release date is not announced.

Now from another well known leaker @evleaks recently suggests that HTC One Max will also be headed towards AT&T, so far we have two names of carriers of HTC One Max, that are AT&T and Verizon. It seems like HTC is looking for a multiple carriers approach for its larger version of flagship HTC One. On the other hand Samsung probably will launch Note 3 on number of carriers and due to this HTC have to gather big names of carriers for its HTC One Max in order to compete with Note 3.  

Although names of both carriers is not official yet, but we have these names from well reliable resource and it would be not be astonishing to see larger version of HTC One on AT&T. As far as release date is concerned, as I mentioned above we have rumors that HTC will launch HTC One in September in order to be a strong of Samsung Note 3.
Let me know in comments section what do you think about release date of HTC One Max?  
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