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HTC One Max Specs and photo leaked again ahead of its Release

It seems like this year HTC wanted to cash the success of its flagship device HTC One, few weeks ago HTC launched HTC One mini and rumors are swirling that in September HTC planned to launch a strong rival of Samsung flagship Note device. This device will be called as HTC One Max. This device is expected to join other two devices later this year. Yesterday alleged photo of HTC One Max has surfaced and once again HTC phablet fans are keen to know how big this device will look like as compared to flagship HTC One. 
credit: playinfinite   

Few months ago in April, HTC launched HTC One a device with 4.7 inch screen size that not only challenged Samsung Galaxy S4 but also fought a battle against iPhone 5, Sony Xperia Z and also Note 2. At that phase, it was not clear whether HTC device will be able to prove its worth or not but after few weeks of launch HTC One proved its worth and company decided to launch two more variant of HTC One for this year.     

The above picture is the leaked picture that I mentioned above, from left first device is HTC One mini. HTC One mini variant was smaller version of flagship model, device features a 4.3 inch display but also have some specs that are lesser than flagship one, but mini device also owns  same metal design like HTC One. This device was attractive for those customers who wanted a device with smaller screen size and same design, but in this case buyers also had to settle for not high end device specs. 

 The second device is HTC One the flagship model which have the set the success track record for HTC devices, last device is HTC One Max initially known as T6. This device is expected to launch in next month and device will be a strong rival for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and also for Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The device features a giant screen of 5.9 inches full HD display of 1080 Pixels, snapdragon 800 processor and same metal design like HTC One. One of the key feature of device will be its 4G connectivity and probably will support 4 G Verizon’s LTE network.  As far as camera is concerned device is expected to have same Ultrapixel camera that we seen in flagship variant.       

The above mention photo shows that HTC One Max have a secretive black square just below the camera, now there are two possibilities either it’s a finger print scanner or it might be ordinary sticker. Both possibilities are not confirmed yet we have to wait for official launch of device.     
As far as release is concerned device is expected in fourth quarter of this year, and most likely next month might be month of its release, in order to compete with Note 3. Note 3 will be launched on September 4th but launch of HTC One Max is still in dark and we have to wait for few weeks in order to know the exact release date.   

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