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HTC One Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 8 Things to know

Earlier this year we witness the battle between HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, and now in next few weeks both companies will launch their phablets. Samsung is producing phablets for last few years, but HTC is new in manufacturing phablet. HTC rumored device is HTC One Max, a device which is supposed to be a larger version of HTC One and will have a larger display with some exclusive features, while Samsung will launch third flagship model of  Note series. Both devices are expected to be a quite amazing devices.  

Now doubt, currently HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are best phones available in market, and reason behind this success is their built-in quality, software and hardware specs. We can expect same kind of legacy from their bigger brothers. Buyers of both devices are eager to know more about these devices, and today I will try to cover all aspects that in my view are important to know for phablet fans.  


As far as price is concerned, there is no official announcement from one of manufacturer, price tag of both devices is still in dark. But we have certain reports regarding price of devices, so far rumored price of both device is $299 on contract of two years. This is same price on which all previous Note model starts. Now as I mentioned above HTC is new in phablet market so we can expect a $50 less price from HTC than Samsung.   


Now come to carriers of both devices, so far not a single person of company revealed about carriers of HTC One Max and Galaxy Note 3.  At the moment Samsung Note 3 is expected to come on all those carriers on which Galaxy S4 launched, on the other hand so far only Verizon is rumored carrier of HTC One Max, but we can expect more carriers in coming days.    

Software variances:

Many buyers buy device on the basis of UI software and no doubt software features are of weighty significance to emphasis one. Samsung is expert in designing software of this giant size gadget and they always add some exclusive features to make Note UI significant. As far OS is concerned both device is expected to come with Android 4.3, though initially rumors are of Android 5.0 but now it is almost sure that both devices will come with Android 4.3.  

Note 3 will come with TouchWiz UI of Samsung while HTC One Max is expected to come with Sense 5, difference among both UI is obvious but in reality but overall functionality of both devices is almost same.  


HTC One Max is expected to arrive with Qualcomm latest Snapdragon 800 processor, on other hand Note 3 is also rumored to feature Snapdragon 800 but in some variants Exynos 5 is also expected. In Samsung case Note 3 will surely try to leave behind Galaxy Note 2 in every esteem.

Now if both have same processor then difference will be based on how sound Software enhanced for these devices. However, overall performance of both devices will be almost same.


Both devices are expected to come with same camera Sensors that were used in their younger brothers. Both devices camera is appreciated by customers as well as by gadget experts, both cameras has proven their capabilities and most people will agreeon that there is no need of change of camera. HTC One Max is expected to add Special Wide angle lens in order to improve the front end camera, overall this will improve the visibility for Skype calls.


Conceivably the main achievement of phablet phones in overall is the display, we can expect improvement in this field and both devices are expected to have a screen size around 6 inches with a full HD 1080 pixels display.

In Note 3 case, certain rumors are indicating that device will have a 5.7 inch display with 1080 Pixels AMOLED display. On the other hand HTC One Max is expected to have a slightly bigger display around 5.9 inches, it also will have a 1080 Pixels display panel.  


Samsung plan of design of Note 3 is quite predictable and we expect device will get design sketches from S4. Gadget is going to be lighter and thinner than its predecessor Note 2, but overall dimension of device might remain same. As far as body material is concern device is supposed to have same plastic design, micro SD card slot and battery will be exchangeable.

HTC One Max will definitely get design guide lines from HTC flagship HTC One, a device which is great hit and is source of inspiration. This flagship device is receiving praise from all fans due to its aluminum design. At least for now HTC One Max will be an enlarge version of HTC One.

Release date:

At the end, release date of both device is expected in September. So far we have only officially launch date of Note 3, Samsung will launch Note 3 on September 4th ahead of IFA Berlin Germany 2013.

Now as we know HTC is planning to battle with Samsung, so we can expect release of HTC One Max in same month as well.  HTC might release its HTC One Max on 6th of September.

Let me know what do you think about these devices and what will be your choice in these devices?
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