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HTC One Max: what we know so far

Few months ago in April HTC launched their first flagship device of the year i.e. HTC One. This device was the successor of HTC One X, this device not only prove its worth but becomes one of the best smartphone of 2013. Undoubtedly this device one of the best device ever HTC produces.  Though selling number of HTC One are not comparable with Samsung S4 or iPhone 5 but still device manages to prove itself as a top line device of the year.

Now it’s not surprise when a device is hit and company probably wanted to release more model of its hit, same is the case with HTC One Taiwanese company first announces HTC One mini and they launched device few weeks ago, now certain reports are claiming that HTC is now planning to launch a larger version of its HTC One.   
HTC One and Galaxy S4 are both flagship devices of respective companies, and now few days ago Samsung announces its Note 3 and possible release date of Note 3 is 4th September. On the other hand HTC released a teaser on the announcement day of Note 3 in order to attain some attention.    

Samsung is producing Note for last several years but HTC is new comer in phablet world and they are entering this world with a larger version of its flagship HTC One. Although Samsung Note 3 hot product, but customers are curious about both devices and it seems that both device will be strong rivals of each other. Today I will try to cover all those aspects that in my view are important for a phablet buyer to know, let’s start from release dates.

Release date:

So far release date of HTC One is not announced yet, but according to recent reports device probably will launch around the same time when Samsung will launch Note 3. This situation makes a sense, because for last few years every device from Samsung is hit and while HTC was struggling before HTC One. After S2 company start building Note and company usually launches 2 flagship devices of a year and both devices are on success track.

While HTC knows well that Samsung is Android King and they are playing as second fiddle, but this time HTC wanted to be smart enough so that they can get some success from Samsung’s glides, so far they are on success with the launch of HTC One with S4.   
Now as I mentioned above HTC is new in phablet world while Note series is one of the prominent series of the big smartphone world, so if HTC release its HTC One Max few weeks after Note 3 then it would be disastrous for HTC One Max, so far HTC got success on launching simultaneously with Samsung. So it’s almost sure that HTC will release its device around the same time when Note 3 will be released.  


Although HTC One Max is not announced yet but still we have certain reports about the specs of HTC One Max. List of these specs is given in the table below.

5.9 inches full HD 1080 pixels
Operating system
Android 4.3
quad-core processor Snapdragon 800
Ultrapixel camera (back end)
2.1 MP front end camera
same metallic body like HTC One  

Though there is chance HTC might add a stylus like Note 3 but we can’t say authorize about this rumor because this rumor is yet to be confirmed.


As I mentioned above HTC is new in making phablet, so we can’t say that they have track record of using following carriers, and up till now we are not confirmed whether HTC will launch its first phablet on all major carriers of united states or not.  
Before HTC One HTC usually uses only one major carrier for endorsement of its product but this trend was changes when HTC launches its HTC One on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, while launch of HTC One on Verizon is expected in few weeks. But still there is no guarantee whether the above mention carriers will be used for HTC One Max or not.

Though device is popular but is first experience, so some carriers might hesitate in taking risk. So far only Verizon seems to be ready for placing HTC One Max on its shelves.   

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As far as price is concerned Note 3 possibly will come with a price tag of $299 on contract like it colleagues.  While so far rumored price of HTC One Max is $250 and buyers shouldn't expect anything below than this price tag. The reason behind high price tag of Note 3 is its stylus S pen, and also one of best tablet available today.  
Now if HTC One Max features Stylus the probably HTC might charge extra price for Stylus other than HTC one Max price.


In my view customers should think twice before buying any HTC product, because HTC has yet not proved itself as they can provide a lengthy support for its devices. In past even with its flagship devices like HTC desire HD they failed to produce rolling out of its update for this device and even with Droid incredible 2. We may hope HTC will overcome this problem soon, otherwise on built in quality HTC products are perfect.   
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