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iPad mini 2 November release confirmed

Release of Apple iPad mini 2 is in rumors, few weeks earlier Google launched its new Nexus 7 and all eyes are on iPad mini 2. So far rumors suggesting that release date of iPad mini 2 could arrive in November. Last year, in November Apple launched first iPad mini, so release in November seems possible. 

Now a days certain reports are coming regarding the display of iPad mini 2, device is expected to have a retina display. New report is based on Apple production of display of iPad mini 2, and according to report production of Retina Display is at present in progress and is on same stage like last year.

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In last year’s device Apple didn’t include a retina display instead of this they simply added an normal display, but reason behind this normal display is low price tag, Apple wanted to compete with other Android devices like Nexus 7 and Kindle fire HD.

This year’s iPad mini will possess special Retina display with a screen resolution of 2048x1536 Pixels. Hence ppi density will be increased up to 324 ppi. This increase in screen resolution will allow users to have better looking video and photos quality. 
A recent report from CNet claimed that iPad mini 2 displays are now in construction and these displays are certainly a Retina Display. Last year, Apple announces iPad in last week of October and device was on shelves in mid of November, rumors are also suggesting that iPad mini 2 event of launch could takeoff in October like last year.
As far design of iPad mini 2 is concern, device is expected to have same design like last year iPad mini but display and processor will be improved. If display will be improved the surely processor will be improved in order to support higher resolution.

Earlier we have news that iPad5 will release ahead of iPad mini 2, Apple wanted to place a greater amount of attention in tab market, but now looks like we can see a launch in which both iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 will be launched. This release particularly will be on holiday period.
IPad 5 is expected to take design guide lines from iPad mini, and probably will use the same touch technology, this will help to make iPad lighter and thinner. We can expect this device will have certain features in order to attract customers of iPad 2, 3 and 4.

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