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iPhone 5C specs, release date & price rumours

When you hear iPhone for many people it’s the modern gadget you can buy, a device which is social symbol, a fashion proclamation and overall a powerful companion of buyer, but for others iPhone is an overly cost device and as an alternative user can buy an Android and windows phone.

 Rumors of cheap iPhone are swirling for past few years, now certain reports are suggesting that Apple decided to launch a cheaper iPhone and this device will be named as iPhone 5C. This device is expected to have a plastic back cover, So far rumors suggests that device is expected to come with A5 Processor and 8 MP camera sensor. As far as OS is concern device will come with iOS 7.

As I mentioned above a budget iPhone is in news for last few year but Apple didn’t decided when to launch this device but now we can expect this device will be launched later in the year. Apple is also in make break situation, in January Apple’s marketing vice president Phil Schiller gave a statement that “they will never produce a cheap price device”, while in February Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “their company is making moves forward towards more affordable devices”. So you can portray what kind of situation in Apple remained. 
Today I will try to discuss all news and rumors regarding the upcoming cheaper iPhone 5 C. let’s start a bit

Release Date:

Apple policy is very strict and usually news of Apple devices didn’t break before the release of device, same is the case with iPhone 5C. Although from certain reports and rumors it seems device will hit the shelves in September and it seems to be the most perfect time for launching of budget friendly iPhone. Apple reliable source claimed that cheap iPhone 5C will be launched on September 18 and will hit stores on September 27 in US.   

Price tag:

Price tag of any new model is important and probably is one of the factor on which buyers take a look. IPhone 5C is expected to launch at a price of $300/ 200£ (contract free). Reason of this low price tag is Apple wanted to compete with Android smartphones which are currently ruling the bottom end of market. 

Other price that is in rumors is $330/ 210£ (contract free). This price is almost near the Google Nexus devices which offers high end specs at low price tag.  


As far as display is concern device is expected to not have a Retina display because of its low price tag. Device is expected to have a 4.5 inch display, similar to that was used in iPhone 5.  Another possibility is of 3.5 inch display that Apple used in its initial models. 

It would be surprising if device supports a display bigger than iPhone 5, because in that case device probably wouldn’t be cheap. Buyers shouldn’t expect iPhone with Retina display because retina display is only used in flagship devices, in cheaper model we can expect a screen resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. 

Plastic body:

We shouldn’t expect an iPhone 5C with same classy material that is used in flagship models, but probably device will be featuring a lot more plastic in its building. When it comes to plastic certainly device will have polycarbonate for its manufacturing, instead of aluminum and hardened crystal glass in order to keep price of device low.   

Fascinating colors:

It might be attracting many customers that cheap iPhone will come in different colors while in past iPhone was just available in black and white. 
Most recent report regarding colors suggests that iPhone will be coming with color range between four and six.  These colors will include blue, red, yellow, white and green. All these colors are currently available in iPods. It might be surprising for you that cheap iPhone will not come in black, instead will be available in green.  

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