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Apple iphone 5s release date confirmed

Launch of Apple iPhone 5S is in rumors for last few weeks and now certain reports are suggesting that Apple will launch its flagship iPhone on September 10th. This news is confirmed from a reliable source and this date is break out by Apple’s insider. 

I am so sure about this release is due to Loop’s Jim Dalrymple who is believed to have inside knowledge about release plans of Apple, and on this rumor release date he just responses only one word “Yep”. This shows how solid and confirmed this release date is, his response can brand and halt rumors.  

In past, we have seen him confirming release dates and usually Apple launches iPhone on same date, so this time we can expect info in favors to the September 10th date is on the mark. Now, it must only be a mess of period formerly Apple approves the promotion date with an invitation to affiliates of the mass media. As far as venue is concerned, it is expected Apple will held launch event somewhere in northern California.

Rumors recommends that Apple iPhone 5S will be stellar of the event, and device is most likely will replace iPhone 5 and company will launch this device as a successor of iPhone 5. Being an S model this device will get design guide lines from its predecessor iPhone 5. Apple iPhone 5S will have same metal design, on improvement side it will have a new updated camera, updated processor and there is also chance of a fingerprint scanner for improved safety.     

If Apple release iPhone 5S in earlier September i.e. September 10th, then probably device will be released in late September, because usually Apple release its products a few weeks after launch of device. On release date announcement Apple announces the pre order dates, means buyers should have release date of iPhone 5S in few weeks.   

Though star of the show will be iPhone 5S, but rumors suggests that Apple will also be announcing an iPhone 5C, a cheaper version of flagship iPhone. This device will have plastic back, an 8 MP camera and a retina display and device will be available in wide range of colors. Price tag of device is expected much lower than flagship device. It’s yet to be clear that whether this device will replace iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.
On the other hand Samsung announced launch of its flagship Note 3 on September 4th, and Apple iPhone 5S is expected after a week after Samsung launch, both devices are heavy heights we can expect a kind of rivalry among these devices.

Let me know what do you think about this rivalry then I will discuss certain points about this rivalry in my upcoming posts stay connected for latest buzz.

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