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Motorola Moto X8: Specs, Price tag and Features

Few days ago Motorola launched its Moto X phone, a mid range smartphone that has a beautiful design and also has a small number of remarkable features.Just a reminder this Moto X phone is Motorola’s first phone that is built under the ownership of Google, device was accumulated in United States and has some few nice touches. This smartphone can be used without touching it because Motorola used X8 computing system in it. 


Motorola claimed that they used 8 core-chips in this device including a dual core snapdragon S4 pro chip, a quad core chip for graphics, while rest of cores for contextual computing in order to make device capable of running vocal commands.
This feature of Moto X8 is quite similar like SIRI of Apple iPhone devices. Smartphones with listening capabilities are always much more attractive than other smartphones out there.  . 

Moto X8 listening capabilities:

So far we have plenty of news of Moto X8 listening capabilities, and according to them Motorola used a special triple-mic that has capability of noise termination skill and due to this Moto X8 users can talk to their device from 15 feet’s away i.e. 4.5 meter.     
It’s very easy to communicate with Moto X8 and user didn't have to do much in order to activate this skill.  On start user has to turn on the touch less control, and once it is on it always will be waiting for you spoken commands. As for sure user have to connect it device with internet in order to use this skill of Moto X8.

Notifications system:

The notification system in Moto X8 is quite different from rest of smartphones, device devoted a small portion of its display for notifications and this portion is always mechanical and users can see latest updates and other notifications easily. Due to this Moto X8 users can see the notifications even without unlocking the device, and don’t require to wake up the screen again and again.  


In Moto X8 if you wanted to use camera you simply have to flick you wrist device and camera app will be open for use. Motorola powered its Moto X8 with 10 MP rear camera that is quite helpful in taking high resolution pictures. 2 MP camera is available for front end usage.
One of the important feature of Moto X8 camera is its Clear Pixel technology that automatically sets the right amount of light for flawless pictures.  This feature will also help users in taking snaps in low light.


Moto X8 has a 4.7 inch AMOLED display. The screen resolution of device is 1280 x 720 pixels that is pretty good for a mid-range device. As far as hardware specs are concerned Moto X8 features 2 GB of Ram with 8 core chips. This device has 16 GB of internal memory while there is no feature of micro SD card expansion. A giant battery of 2200 mAh is included in Moto X8.


Moto X X8 packs with Android 4.2.2 though latest update Android 4.3 is expected soon but exact date of arrival of this update is not confirmed yet.


So far only AT&T is selling this phone in white and black, but we can expect few more carriers later. Device is now available in Black and white, more colors are expected soon. Various carriers will surely add their own apps, hence users can customize their device in coming days. Now Motorola is shipping device with 4 days at a price tag of $199 (with contract). On buying Google is also offering free 50 GB cloud storage on Google drive for 2 years.  
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