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Nexus 5 Release Date, Specs and Rumors Roundup

Google based Nexus devices are on success track, same is the case with Nexus smart phones last year Nexus 4 faced quite few problems but still device is one of the best smartphone of the year. Now its anniversary is coming in few weeks and customers and gadget enthusiast attention has started to divert from Nexus 4 to Nexus 5, a device which is expected to be a successor of Nexus 4.   

Last year in November Google released its Nexus 4, this device replaced the Samsung Nexus and for the first time LG produced Nexus device. This device proved its worth because of its large display, better processor and design of device was also improved, an important thing is its low price tag, Nexus 4 was an exceptionally cheap unlocked smartphone.    

Though device didn’t have LTE but still device was fast, and overall device emerged as one of the bestselling brand of Google. The success of this device depicts through its selling, and only in December and January device was completely sold out. Due to its low price and high end specs device will still be a choice for many buyers.  
Like all high end smartphones replaced after a year, same is the case will happened to Nexus 4 and finally its limelight will come to completion. Most likely this device will be replaced by a better version. Now fall is upcoming rumors of a new Nexus device gain a little bit of boost, most specs of Nexus 5 are in rumors but still many of rumors are in dark and will be exposed on the unveiling ceremony of Nexus 5.  
Let’s take a look on so far rumored specs which are blistering now a days and probably Google will include these features in Nexus 5. 

Nexus 5 specs and release date rumors:


Builder of Nexus 5 is LG and is almost sure that device will have some clues from LG G2 a recently announced device. Today, a report from reliable source also suggests that successor of Nexus 4 will be manufactured by LG. Although device is made by LG but device will not have design like G2.   

Last year Nexus 4 have same hardware specs like LG Optimus G but design was not copied. So buyers can expect same case with Nexus 5. 


Initially we have rumors that Nexus 5 will include a higher end camera, now possibility of high end camera seems possible, motive given that Google’s Vic Gundotra has assured the upcoming Nexus device will features better cameras. A recent report regarding Camera is less ground breaking and device is expected to have 13 MP camera with optical stabilization technology.

 This 13 MP camera was used in S4 and LG G2, and upcoming Note 3 is also expected to have this technology. Some buyers buy devices on the basis of camera and probably one of the feature that manufacturers upgrade after one year, so for sure Nexus 5 will have an updated camera.  


In Nexus 4 LG used quad core snapdragon S4 pro processor, Conversely reports suggests that Nexus 5 will be powered by snapdragon 600(latest processor from snapdragon), and in this case device will surely provide overall good performance and hence buyers can expect a better device with enhanced battery life. As far as ram is concerned device is expected to have 2 GB of ram.


Google usually launch hardware devices with a software update, Nexus 7 was launched with Android 4.3. Track record of Google also suggests that Nexus 5 will be launched with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. This update is expected to be first major update to Android 4.1.  

Although we don’t have much to discuss about Android 5.0 because news regarding Android 5.0 is expected to be revealed in coming weeks but so far it seems that Android 5.0 will come later in the year.  


As far as price tag is concerned device is expected to start with a price of $299, like last year Nexus 4. In this case device will be able to prove its worth as one of most reasonably priced unlocked smartphones in the market. Due to this price tag device will be able to compete with iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and all other devices.

Release Date:

Google Nexus last two devices were launched in last part of the year. Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus were launched in later part of the year, Specially Nexus 3 was launched in December 2011, whereas the Nexus 4 was launched in November. Although this doesn’t sets the pattern but it clears depiction.

But Google prospective hasn’t obvious on an explicit date however buyers shouldn’t supposed to hear about any particular release date before much closer to release date event itself.
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