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Nexus 7 LTE Release: What We Know So Far

Google revealed successor of Nexus 7 back in last week of July, In United States Google sent Nexus 7 to all retailers in few days after it’s launching. But Google hasn't revealed LTE version of Nexus 7 for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint in US.   
In late July Google launched the heavily rumoured new Nexus 7 commonly known as Nexus 7. A device which was in rumours before its launch and was launched in an easy-going broad casting occasion in San Francisco. Nexus 7 was not the only device in this launch, on the other hand Google also revealed latest version of Android 4.3 and also ChromeCast was revealed.   
Undoubtedly the star of event was Nexus 7, a device which have to face strong rivalries in the form Kindle Fire HD 2 and iPad mini 2 in coming days.  
Google improved Nexus 7 in various fields including decorating its design, a device which has full HD resolution, and have a camera sensor of 5 mega pixel on rear side.  For the first time Google Nexus 7 featured 4G LTE network.  
As I mentioned above after launch of Nexus 7 Google hasn't reveal something about Nexus 7 LTE, now potential buyers are waiting desperately for the LTE variant of Nexus, though Google hasn't reveal anything but still we have rumours and certain reports regarding Nexus 7 LTE.
I will try to cover all aspects that in my view are important to know for all buyers of Nexus 7 LTE.
Release Date:

So far release of Nexus 7 LTE in US is in dark and Google is still run through to coming soon line, same was the case when Google revealed Nexus 7 in late July. However release in September is most likely option.  
However, release of Nexus 7 LTE in Japan and Italy is confirmed and device will hit shelves in late September, on the other hand in UK Nexus 7 LTE will hit shelves on September 13th. If we consider these release date we can claim that release date in US is also approaching, and in worst case device may hit shelves in late September.  
Google revealed Nexus 7 on a mass of retailers and it was one of reason why Google products sell in great numbers. Google launch its Nexus 7 on a number of stores so that customers can buy device from wide-range of places.  Now as far as Nexus 7 LTE is concerned device is expected to hit shelves of several retailers.
In Europe different retailers have Nexus 7 LTE on sale, but this doesn't assure that retailers of US will also have this chance, however it gives hope that there is chance in US also.
Issues of Nexus 7 Fixed:

After launch of Nexus 7 we have seen some problems in device and customers report also warns customers to avoid Nexus 7 until problems fixed by Google.  After analysing  it appears that problem is not with the device but with the Android latest update and due to which customers have to face problems in touch screen and GPS.
Although Android 4.3 still have minor bugs, but Google removed the issues in Nexus 7 and now customers can buy device without taking tension about errors.
Nexus 7 LTE Contracts:

On launch of new Nexus 7 Google offered many deals and we can expect same case with Nexus 7 LTE, however price of LTE variant might not exceed $350.If Google cuts just small price then it would be fantastic because Nexus 7 is already a cheap price tablet with such extra ordinary features. 
let me know in comments section when you expecting Nexus 7 LTE?  
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